Saturday, April 22, 2017

Maybe The Carriage Will Turn In To a Pumpkin Mid-Ride . . . One Can Dream....

He really does see himself as a blue-blood royal -- infinitely higher up the social/society food chain than any of the peasants who gifted him his mighty throne:

Updated: Saturday, April 15, 2017, 2:38 PM
President Trump wants the royal treatment.
The White House has insisted the President’s planned visit to London this fall include a carriage ride with Queen Elizabeth II down “the Mall,” a strip that leads to Buckingham Palace, The Times of London reported.
But local police said such a visit will be a “monster,” because of security protocols and planned protests.
Security sources told the newspaper a carriage — even a closed one — is much more susceptible to an attack than an armored car.

So basically, because The Duke of Drumpfinburgh demands to role-play on the pretense that he is on the same societal playing field as the English Queen, the British police and security apparatus have to go to Defcon 1 mode to appease the spoiled rotten little lordshit.

When Obama visited, he wisely chose not to burden the Brits with such a splashy, selfish performance.  But then again, in the class and manners department, Drumpf is to Obama what Ernest T. Bass is to . . . . . . well just about anyone.

Perhaps though, Drumpf is just jealous.  The Chinese President and the Saudi King have both ridden in the Queen's carriage .... oh - and so has this handsome, dashing aristocrat:

[ click pic to enlarge ]

Ahh -- the answer becomes much clearer.  It is absolutely unthinkable that Donny have his number 1 fan and dedicated sponsor be disappointed by not seeing his protege feted the same way his own plutocratic ass was.  That just wouldn't sit too well with the one who has invested so much time, so many dirty bank loans and gobs of KGB ratfuckery in The Duke's political meal ticket - dontcha know?


Shock Jock Shocked to Find Out That Lying Asshole Behavior Has Shocking Consequences . . .

Faced with the prospect of losing custody of his children, Alex Jones spills the beans, and for quite likely the first time in his own long term memory, he tells the truth:

InfoWars' Alex Jones is a 'performance artist playing a character', says his lawyer
But his ex-wife says he is 'not a stable person'
Notorious US broadcaster Alex Jones is a “performance artist” and his on air persona is an act, according to his lawyer.
Mr Jones runs the controversial Infowars website, which is known for propagating conspiracy theories and its support of Donald Trump.
But Mr Jones is now embroiled in a custody battle with his estranged wife, Kelly Jones, with whom he has three children. She said some of Mr Jones’s on-air rants – for which he is renowned – are evidence of him being “not a stable” father.

The Gadfly loves it and is cheerfully chuckling.  For you see dear readers, Alex Jones has been presenting himself publicly as the average, right wing American patriot's media spokesman for many years.  He's made a decent living off of riling up the conservative, wing nut rubes by spoon-feeding them his (oft times) cruel conspiracy theories and his hallucinatory, bizarro government black helicopters clap-trappery.

It's funny because now that Alex Jones is facing a real-life (as opposed to his radio/internet life) episode that will have real-life, serious consequences to him depending on it's outcome, he now excuses his behavior by saying it's all been an act folks! - and that it's all just "performance art!"

Jones obviously has never seen authentic, intellectually and creativity inspired performance art, but The Gadfly digresses.

No - what's truly humorous about all of this sordidness is that Jones for a very long time has made a smug mockery of the truth and of decency and of compassion and integrity -- all over the public airwaves.  But now that he finds himself in a position where the foreboding eye of the legal/justice system hovers over him, the weak-kneed little shithead has been forced to reveal what he is truly all about and consequently what a gutless charlatan he is, all lest he lose something that he obviously holds very dear and precious.

Jones wants us to just laugh off all the years of lies and the bullshit and the hatred that he's spewed out like a sewer pipe over the public radio radio waves, television and the internet.  It was just a bravura, Academy Award-worthy performance of .. of some form .., dontchya know?

Jones, laughably, is even lecturing the press to behave:

Even though Jones has wrecked the lives of others by promoting trashy and dangerous conspiracy theories, he says his custody battle is a "private matter."
"I urge the press to be respectful and responsible and to show due deference to the process of the law and respect boundaries defined for this case so that a fair result can be found," Jones said in a statement, according to Business Insider. "Above all this is a private matter."

He urges the press to "be respectful and responsible," .... The Gadfly honestly has no words for such brazen two-faced pomposity -- it nearly (key word almost) leaves The Gadfly speechless.

Summarily - Jones, like most of the right wing bomb throwers, is a pathetic weasel, a coward, a con artist, a colossal hypocrite - and certainly no where near the traditional definition of what it means to be a man.  And let's be clear -- The Gadfly does not wonder so much as a fraction of a nano-second why it is that Donald Drumpf likes Alex Jones, listens to him and praises him. Misery, it is said, loves company and as such it then stands to reason that soulless, awful human beings enjoy the company and mutual admiration of other soulless, awful human beings.  It's the unnatural order of things.

Suffice to say that The Gadfly really doesn't give a shit about Alex Jones and his custody battle for his children.  All the available evidence indicates his ex-wife is in the right by wanting to keep her kids away from such a hateful, venom spewing, psychologically damaged asshole like her ex-husband.  The kids deserve to be around mentally stable, life-affirming, positive role models -- which unfortunately, their viciously boorish father is not.

For Alex Jones - whether he learns anything valuable from the lesson that callous, hateful and injurious actions, deeds and words can have consequences, remains to be seen.  If indeed it's all just an act and "performance art" then he has been presented with a fortuitous opportunity to set things right.  If he's lying again, and he really is the the guy as he portrays himself on his radio and internet shows, then whatever personal pain inflicted on him by the custody loss of his children, quite frankly, can't be painful enough.


Friday, April 21, 2017

When Trashy Pop Culture and Real Life Violently Collide . . .

So apparently some pop culture dignitaries stopped in at the White House the other day:

[ click pic to enlarge ]

Hmmm - let's see now -- The Gadfly knows these people . . . . oh yeah!   That's Boss Hogg (seated), Bo and Luke Duke with the hats, Daisy Duke (the slinky white blouse) and a couple of her friends Earlene and Betty Lou.

Hmmm -- notably missing from this picture are Uncle Jesse, Roscoe P. Coltrane, Cooter, and obviously, the President of The United States.

Strange times we live in -- strange fucking times indeed.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Tale of the Used Faith Salesman . . .

Watch this first:

The Gadfly shared this video, with accompanying snark about Drumpf's intellectual shortcomings, on his Facebook page earlier.  No doubt at this very moment it is titillating his liberal friends and inciting his conservative friends to kick their cats and beat their wives.

Anyhow, aside from the snark that The Gadfly posted with this video on FB, there was something else more in depth about Drumpf's answer to the very simple request from the interviewer to, "tell me a little bit about god, and your views on god," that The Gadfly wanted to explore, and thus the reading venue transition from FB to The Gadfly's shitty little, but always trusty, blog.

But The Gadfly digresses . . .

What The Gadfly really wanted to talk about was how Donald Drumpf, President of the United States of America, leader of the free world and the world's greatest democracy . . . how he responded to a very simple request to speak about god and provided his views on god.

Now, before The Gadfly gets to his point, The Gadfly has to make it known that while he his self is not a believer, The Gadfly knows people, close people, who are very - The Gadfly wants to say - invested in their faith.  The Gadfly chose the word 'invested' because it means just that - they have invested their human decency, their spiritual health and welfare and the love of their giving souls in to their faith.  Words to describe one's view about their faith such as sincere and serious - or proud - are worthless words when it comes to describing one's views on god and faith. Sincerity and seriousness can be faked.  Pride is most usually borne out of misguided emotion, and very often enflamed and instigated emotion.  But when one is 'invested' in their god and faith - that's the fo shizzle real deal right there dear readers.

Go ahead though -- listen to that satirical sassy Drumpf video above.  Then go find the actual interview in Drumpf's own voice and listen to it.  Listen to both a few times.  Then go look at your reflection in a mirror and try to convince yourself that that man isn't a few filaments short of a working light bulb and that he is about as authentic a normal functioning human being as this insentient individual is ... :

That of course is conservative, internet radio shock jock (more like nut jock) Alex Jones -- whom it must be noted was praised by Donald Drumpf for the quality of his contributions to the public discourse.


Drumpf talks about, supposedly his god, as if he's describing the greatness of one of his garish commercial properties in a con-job sales pitch.  There's a level of lifelessness in the deadpan delivery of his intellectually stunted thoughts on what god is and means to him.  It's sad, but even more than said, it's fucking terrifying.

This intellectually barren man, this person whose soul is so bereft of human spirituality and human consciousness, is the person we have entrusted with our democracy.  He's the person we have entrusted with our futures as free men and women.  He's the person we have entrusted, for all intent and purpose, with our very lives, along with the lives of our children and grandchildren.

Where did we go wrong?  What unholy madness has infected us?  How are we going to fix this wreckage?

The Gadfly can only hope that there are still enough sane and thoughtful adults left in this fucking country who fully realize what foolish danger we have invited upon ourselves and who, when the time comes, are committed to standing up for the goodness and the greatness of this nation's history and ensure it does not end with this masochistic experiment of picking a goddamn, exanimate juvenile-delinquent, ignoramus to lead us forward.

Yes -- the Hope ~ ~ ~ . . . ~ ~ ~ . . . sigh . . . . .


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ahh - Them Were The Days - Days of Phony Outrage and Phonier Hurt Fee-Fees...

So this happened on Easter Monday at the White House . . .

Umm yeah -- that's the Slovenian soft porn model and first concubine to President *Asterisk elbowing her dolt of a husband to put his hand over his heart at the singing of his beloved nation's national anthem.

Why is this important and why is The Gadfly expending valuable outrage time writing about this on the pages of his shitty little blog?

Well -- first off let's get something clear -- it's not an important event.  The Gadfly could give a flying fuck less whether Drumpf puts his hand over his heart when the national anthem is played or takes his MAGA cap off for the same.  In the big scheme of things, something like this is a complete nothingburger and a waste of time caring about.

However it is worthwhile to note this seemingly trivial episode because for 8 goddamn, excruciating years we had to endure the right's bloodcurdling screams of outrage and the faux expressions of melodramatic dismay at every fucking one of the perceived Obama slights toward patriotism that were conjured up in the fevered cesspools of the collective wingnut mindset.

"Obama refuses to wear a flag lapel pin!" they shrieked.

"Obama put his feet on the oval office desk!" they bellowed.

"Obama saluted the Marines with a cup of coffee in his hand!" they howled.

Remember all of that infantile nonsense dear readers?  The Gadfly does.  8 fucking years of that juvenile, whining bullshit.  The right wing would snivel and rage for days and weeks on end on their special snowflake, right wing websites and in their media bubbles about each of those ridiculous incidents as well as many others.  Many of them are still butt hurt to this very day about those bogus, manufactured controversies!

But boy - they sure are silent now with their savior Drumpf in office performing the same inconsequential etiquette transgressions aren't they?  Which of course makes them all incredibly supercilious hypocrites and impenitent assholes.

And this is why The Gadfly has absolutely no respect for the conservative movement and it's adherents.  None - nada, zilch.  They don't deserve respect.  They most certainly have done nothing to earn any measure of respect.  In all truthfulness, and as far as The Gadfly is concerned, these modern day conservatives have done everything in their power to attract the enmity of the kind trafficked and promulgated right here on the very pages of this very shitty little blog and they will continue to be on the receiving end of that incivility and disrespect for the foreseeable future.

And that dear readers is the sole reason that The Gadfly has joylessly brought this dreadfully trivial incident to your esteemed attention this day -- nothing more, nothing less.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

She Paid Fair & Square For the Right To Destroy Public Education...

[ click pic to enlarge ]

In the menagerie of horror-show characters that constitute Donald Drumpf's cabinet, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos . . .

. . . just because that's the kind of sound any normal, sane human should make at the mention of that awful woman's name . . .  takes the grand prize for scariest monster masquerading as a sentient human being.


The new acting head of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights once complained that she experienced discrimination because she is white.
Although her limited background in civil rights law makes it difficult to infer her positions on specific issues, Jackson’s writings during and after college suggest she’s likely to steer one of the Education Department’s most important — and controversial — branches in a different direction than her predecessors. A longtime anti-Clinton activist and an outspoken conservative-turned-libertarian, she has denounced feminism and race-based preferences. She’s also written favorably about, and helped edit a book by, an economist who decried both compulsory education and the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964.
In 2005, Jackson wrote a book on the allegations of sexual misconduct against Bill Clinton, titled “Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine.” She gained national attention last October after she arranged for several of Bill Clinton’s accusers to attend a presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Jackson sat with the women in the front of the audience. A few days before the debate, Jackson established Their Lives Foundation. In registration documents, she described two of its purposes as “giving public voice to victims of women who abuse positions of power” and “advocating for and against candidates for political office.”
Less than a week after the debate, Jackson posted on Facebook that her foundation “supports all victims of power abusers,” but labeled Trump’s accusers “fake victims.”

Betsy DeVos is a billionaire, fundamentalist religious whack job who has spent a lot of her own fortune over the years trying to destroy secular, public education in this country.  Her goal, by all appearances, is to replace America's public education system with her own warped vision of a for-profit network of right-wing, Christian madrasas in an unconstitutional effort aimed at destabilizing the already tenuous wall separating church and state -- in other words -- undermining democracy.

Drumpf picked DeVos to run the nation's education system -- Why?  You tell The Gadfly.  DeVos has not one iota of education experience.  Never a teacher, never an administrator, has never had anything to do with America's public education system aside from her efforts to dismantle it.  She made her billions through MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing)  also known as Pyramid Schemes.  That's what Amway, her company is - period - and that subject is not fucking debatable.

No wonder Drumpf selected her -- she's a scam artist (and her scam is not at all unlike Donnie's Drumpf University) after his own larcenous, unethical heart.

Anyhow then -- is it really a surprise that the individual DeVos picks to oversee her Department's Office of Civil Rights is a white, Sweet Polly Purebred special snowflake who has a past of claiming to have been discriminated against because she's a caucasian and who also, it appears, has a wee bit of a problem with people whose skin color is a shade or three darker than her own?

And of course -- toss in the obligatory 'Bill Clinton's sexual assault accusers told the truth and Drumpf's accusers are fake' assholery and you have the perfect case of the worst possible candidate being hired for a job for which they neither have done nothing in their career arc to earn, and most certainly have done nothing notable in their lives to deserve.

The swamp only gets murkier with this Drumpf bunch and the slimy, reptilian predators that comprise their ranks are multiplying exponentially.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Swamp People

[ click pic to enlarge ]

Another one of Drumpf's many lies goes on full display, for all who actually give a shit, to see:

The Trump administration will keep its list of visitors to the White House secret, the White House announced Friday. This move—a major retreat from transparency—breaks from the Obama policy, which regularly released a log of White House visitors, with some exceptions.
The Obama administration was the first to voluntarily disclose its visitor logs. Though the data was incomplete—the White House reserved the right to withhold names it deemed sensitive—this public data was important information regarding how the White House did business. The logs were a much-used resource for media outlets. These records may well be more significant in the Trump administration, which is already mired in conflicts of interest due to the vast financial entanglements of the president (and his daughter, son-in-law, and other key advisers).
White House Communications Director Michael Dubke defended the decision to Time, saying the reversal was due to "the grave national security risks and privacy concerns of the hundreds of thousands of visitors annually." Administration officials also noted that the decision was necessary to allow the president to seek advice from whomever he wants. The logs will be kept secret for at least five years after Trump leaves office.

And of course he claimed during the run up to the election that if elected he and his administration would be the most transparent and ethical ever while simultaneously lobbing unfounded and unproven charges of corruption at Obama and Hillary.

It just makes The Gadfly wonder if there is some magic number of lies that Drumpf can be shown to be telling before his half-wit, cult followers finally realize what colossal suckers that they've been played for.

There is a very good reason Drumpf deep-sixed his promise to have an open administration and is sealing the records of his White House visitors --- and no, you stupid bastards --- it's not because of the "fake" media.  It's because the man is corrupt and the people he associates with are corrupt and the people who will be streaming in and out of the White House while he is squatting there are corrupt and toss in a few Russian oligarchs and batshit nutty loons like Alex Jones and his tinfoil hat brigades, and there you have his justification for keeping it all a big, stinking rotten, noxious secret -- and not secret just for the time that he is in office -- but "for at least five years after" he leaves office!

Drain the swamp The Gadfly's ass --- Drumpf and his people are the putrid motherfucking swamp!!


Pathological Pathogen Peddler-in-chief . . .

[ click pic to enlarge ]

This is not surprising in the least to The Gadfly, although it is pretty fucking funny:

Just days before the state visit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach private club, Florida restaurant inspectors found potentially dangerous raw fish and cited the club for storing food in two broken down coolers.
Inspectors found 13 violations at the fancy club’s kitchen, according to recently published reports — a record for an institution that charges $200,000 in initiation fees.
Three of the violations were deemed “high priority,” meaning that they could allow the presence of illness-causing bacteria on plates served in the dining room.

Drumpf has a history of engaging in sleazy business machinations with the chief goal in mind of padding his bank account.  Quite frankly, a story about him cutting corners on food safety and hygiene at his own club's restaurant shouldn't induce so much as a yawn to anyone who has taken the time to learn about Drumpf's degenerate business past and accept the fact that he's a scumbag of a human being.

There is one bright side to this story though -- it sure is a comforting thought knowing that his wealthy, boot-licking sycophants are paying $200K annually for the "privilege" of having a higher than normal chance at getting intestinal parasites from the potentially e-coli and salmonella tainted food being served up by their political sugar daddy.

It's some kind of ipso facto metaphor -- for you see dear readers -- Drumpf his self is an intestinal parasite on the entire human condition, so it is only right that the food that he serves to his high roller club members is just as contaminated and diseased as the sickening governing policies that he is attempting to shove down the throats of the American people.

It's really all that simple.