Tuesday, November 29, 2011

They're insane. They're all fucking insane . . .

I honestly have to say that I thought that I had, at long last, been desensitized to the behavior of some right wingers in this country - sufficiently to the point that their imbecilic, neanderthal actions just did not bother me very much any more - but this story just blew that train of thought clear out of the goddamn water....

Fox 5 News in Phoenix reports that the Scottsdale Gun Club is inviting people to enjoy “Santa and Machine Guns” — a “family event” that lets kids take a holiday card picture with St. Nick and an assortment of high-powered fire arms. Families can choose from pistols, modified AR15′s, an $80,000 Garwood minigun and more. More disturbingly, they’re encouraged to test out the machine guns. Video and pictures from the event show that young children often wield weapons larger than they are. Heartwarming!

What the fuck is wrong with these people?? Especially in a state where less than a year ago, some fucking conspiracy nut with a semi-automatic weapon shot and killed 6 people including a Federal Judge and a 9-year old little girl, left a Congresswoman with a bullet in her head, and would have killed more if he'd been able to pop another 33 round clip in to his WMD before bystanders stopped him.

The mere idea of co-mingling and presenting to toddlers the benign and innocent imagery and pageantry of Christmas, good will toward men, and Santa Claus, along with hands-on playtime with actual weaponry, which is almost exclusively designed to snuff out human life, is so absurdly psychopathic in nature, I just simply cannot wrap my mind around it. All I can bring myself to ask is - what in God's name is in the fucking drinking water that these people are ingesting??

What really infuriates me even further is their justification for it - stating that they are simply sharing their support of the 2nd Amendment with their kiddies - all in the name of family fun and education. BULLSHIT!! It's called indoctrination - something which they routinely charge liberals with doing to their children. I mean - think about it - one doesn't have to be a deep thinker to recognize the obvious question here - what does a 5 year old child know, understand or care about the 2nd Amendment?? Can any one of these psychos explain that to me? Try this experiment yourself -- gather a random sampling of 5 year old rugrats on the street, anywhere in the U.S., and ask them one by one to explain the 2nd amendment to you. I'd be willing to wager that you're likely to get answers with a hell of a lot more references to SpongeBob or Dora The Explorer than anything remotely resembling a coherent statement about the nuances and debate points surrounding the 2nd Amendment.

Seriously though -- the culture of these people (with emphasis on the 'cult' part) is getting to be so far whacked out it isn't even funny any more. The more and more they distance themselves from mainstream society and from the human race in general with their psychotic, anti-social beliefs and behavior, the more I become convinced that we should just finally give them a few states, preferable cold as fuck states like Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, and just put a big wall around the entire place and let them all have their little teabagging, wingnut Utopia.

Crazy fuckers.