Friday, November 30, 2012

The Sad, Sad Plight of America's "Job Creators" . . .

Damn that radical socialist Obama and his evil, Leninist plot to destroy and besmirch the beauty and grandeur of Red, White & Blue American Capitalism!!  Damn him to hell!!!

United States corporate profits reached a record high in the third quarter of this year, even adjusted for inflation, according to a report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.



Thursday, November 29, 2012

Political Charlatanism - GOP Style . . .

If you are still trying to figure out why Gramps (Get Off My Lawn!) McCain, Lindsey (HuckleFairie) Graham and Kelly (who the fuck is she?) Ayotte are running around and searching out media cameras daily and giving first hand lessons on how conservatives utilize the hypocritical fainting couch as a political tool as it pertains to this wholly manufactured Benghazi "scandal" - let Jon Stewart explain it to you in very clear, uncomplicated layman's terms:


Costco vs. Walmart || Good vs. Evil

How Costco Became the Anti-Wal-Mart

This is a great article which wholly and definitively demolishes the Wall Street conventional wisdom that a large scale retailer needs to pay it's employees slave wages, and shitty, if any benefits in order to succeed in the marketplace.

Take a few minutes and read this NYT piece on how warehouse retailer Costco has stuck a big progressive thumb in the eye of Wall Street by showing them that, unlike Walmart, treating your employees with respect and dignity by providing them with a decent living wage and robust benefits is not only a successful business formula, it is also making a positive economic impact in the communities where they do business.

Here's a key excerpt from the article:

But not everyone is happy with Costco's business strategy. Some Wall Street analysts assert that Mr. Sinegal is overly generous not only to Costco's customers but to its workers as well.
Costco's average pay, for example, is $17 an hour, 42 percent higher than its fiercest rival, Sam's Club. And Costco's health plan makes those at many other retailers look Scroogish. One analyst, Bill Dreher of Deutsche Bank, complained last year that at Costco "it's better to be an employee or a customer than a shareholder."
Mr. Sinegal begs to differ. He rejects Wall Street's assumption that to succeed in discount retailing, companies must pay poorly and skimp on benefits, or must ratchet up prices to meet Wall Street's profit demands.
Good wages and benefits are why Costco has extremely low rates of turnover and theft by employees, he said. And Costco's customers, who are more affluent than other warehouse store shoppers, stay loyal because they like that low prices do not come at the workers' expense. "This is not altruistic," he said. "This is good business."

So "Wall Street analysts" have a case of the sad eyes because Costco has the unmitigated gall to treat their employees like human beings who are valuable assets and who are vital to the success of the business?  You know what The Gadfly says to those Wall Street analysts??  GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!  You Wall Street charlatans are the incompetent and greedy shit heels who crashed the world economy with your small minded, limp dick financial chicanery and you have the goddamn nerve to criticize a very successful retailer (read the article to see how Costco's employee centric business model is creaming Walmart in the stock market) for doing the right thing?  It's enough to make your blood boil, if like The Gadfly, you truly give a shit about your fellow American's quality of life.

It just simply goes without saying that America needs more CEO's like Costco's Jim Sinegal and once and for all a universal condemnation of and refutation of the business practices of the Walmarts and Bain Capitals (Willard's former vulture capitalist firm) of the world.

America is the greatest country on earth.  But if we allow the Walton family and the Bain blood suckers to get their way, we will simply become the largest, most dysfunctional banana republic on the face of the planet.

So please stop spending your money at places like Walmart.  Spend it at Costco and local establishments.  The only way Walmart and their ilk will ever change their ways is if we the people stop giving them more of our money to hoard.

Do your part and make America a better place to live for all of us.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fox "News" Hack: Read My Lips - I"m Lying My Fucking Ass Off To You Because I Know You're Too Stupid To Think For Yourself

Huh??  Wanting to put the top tier tax rate back to 39.6%, which is what it was under 8 years of Bill Clinton's stewardship, which just happened to be the most prosperous economy in U.S. history, equals "Anti-American Concepts Of Radical Wealth Redistribution" with the sole intention too "equalize everyone?"

You see -- this is the kind of lying and misinforming by Fox "News" that long time Republicans David Frum and Joe Scarborough recently were referring to when they talked about the GOP's election drubbing owing much to the Republican base being lied to and fleeced by the "conservative entertainment complex" (meaning Fox "News" and AM hate radio):

Just because some pretty, blonde bimbo with a marginal grasp of proper english opens her uninformed pie-hole on national television and says something so stupid and evidence less, does not make it true.  But Rupert Murdoch knows his viewership and unfortunately those sheep lack enough critical thinking skills and so they just swallow it and believe it as if it were gospel.

And they are wondering still why they got the fucking stuffing knocked out of them in this election.


Fox "News Hack": Those Crispy Burnt Corpses Should Be Thankful They Had Those Sweatshop Jobs!

I don't know how Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes sleep at night.  They truly have managed to dredge up and give a public television platform to some of the most awful, heartless, soulless and loathsome pieces of human shit pundits on the planet.  And despairingly - they seem to have a very deep bench of them.

Case in point:

And without so much as a detectable hint of emotion - to just blithely talk about the unnecessary, fiery deaths of 129 human beings in the context of profit motivation in America being "assaulted" has taken depravity to new depths of monstrousness.

Honestly - I have had enough of these fucking repugnant sons of bitches on Fox.  I now truly do openly wish that the old cocksucker Murdoch and his dark apprentice Jabba The Ailes both die soon - and if it happens that their demise entails a horribly suffering type of death - I'll shed not a tear nor lose a second of sleep over it.  The sooner their evil carcasses are worm meal, the better off this world will be for it and I truly mean it.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's over. Thank Gawd It's over.

Quite frankly The Gadfly is just too goddamn tired right now to do any form of celebrating for what was obviously a big win for us dirty fucking hippies Tuesday night.

The Gadfly will say this though - it is true that The Republicans, fielded just about the shittiest candidate they could dredge up - a vulture capitalist bazillionaire who hides his tax money in off-shore tax havens, views half the country as moochers, and who just simply couldn't be honest with the American people on any position at all.  Those sad facts in and of themself however, should not have resulted in the smack down the American people delivered to Willard and the GOP in this election.

The Gadfly has two words for you - no, no - make that three words for you.

The first word - policies.  Willard simply refused to be consistent and truthful as to where he stood on just about every single important policy question that affects every day American's lives. His constant changing of positions and inability or just plain refusal to provide any specifics whatsoever about his economic policies left many people pointedly distrusting of the man. How do you expect people to vote for you when your economic policy is nothing more than telling voters "trust me - elect me first and then maybe I will tell you about my policy positions?"

The other two words.  Tea Party.  The Gadfly long ago predicted the Tea Bagger's would overreach and show the whole world what they are truly all about.  They were not a new grassroots entity when they appeared on the national scene in 2008 (coincidentally right after Obama's inauguration).  They are the same old lunatic, John Bircher, racially spiteful nutbags who have always been on the periphery of GOP politics.  And when that dirty negro, Kenyan, communist, socialist, pinko liberal, terrorist appeasing hippie lover was elected, they came crawling out from under their slimy rocks in droves, pretty much took over the GOP and showed their ugly, hateful, racist, insane faces for all of America and the rest of the world to see.  And thankfully most Americans have been abhorred by these people, their boorish public behavior and their petty, selfish and repugnant brand of politics.

That is how a President presiding over one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression, a steady unemployment rate hovering around 8%, and facing the enmity and deep moneyed pockets of some very wealthy and politically powerful cocksuckers gets re-elected in a near landslide.

The Teapublicans, not unlike Barney Fife, quite simply observed, haphazardly shoved their single bullet pistol into their waistband and shot their own stupid fucking foot off -- and you know what?  America is better off for it.

That is all The Gadfly has to say on this matter for the time being.  It should be highly interesting in the coming days watching how the GOP deals with their pigheaded, vulgar spawn the Teabaggers.  The Gadfly isn't so certain that the old school establishment Republican guys have the guts to fight them - as they know it will be  one helluva bloody internecine battle.  But they also see the obvious demographic writing on the wall and know that the Teabaggers are a very cumbersome liability to their hopes of remaining a viable national political party in the long term.

Nonetheless - pass the popcorn kids and let's settle in for what is sure to be a good show.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ohhhhhhh! The Stupid!!! It Burnssssssssssss!!!!!!!

The Gadfly is wholeheartedly convinced that if it were possible, via some form of modern intelligence testing, to declare one single American television political pundit 'The Stupidest MotherFucker On TV', Fox's Steve Doocy would be awarded such a glorious designation hands down.

To wit - The Gadfly giveth thee this:

Here is how easy it is folks to debunk Doocy's froth-mouth, mush-brain observation that as he remembers it, it was Mitt Romney's plan which "saved the auto industry":

Step-by-step instructions:

1.  Open up your favorite web browser.
2.  Go to Google.
3.  Type in the search box the words "Mitt Romney Let Detroit Go Bankrupt."
4.  The very first result of that search should be a link to a NY Times article with same name.  Click the link - which is actually this one:
5.  Look at the article byline to see who wrote the article with the title "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt."
6.  The author of that article is Mitt Romney.  Read the whole article and then ask yourself if that sounds like a plan which would have "saved the auto industry."

This is The Gadfly's hobby folks.  Debunking right wing lies and bullshit.  The Gadfly chose this hobby for a couple of entirely mundane reasons - one it's easier than collecting postage stamps.  Two, The Gadfly hates fucking liars. The Gadfly  especially despises liars who misuse the public airwaves to spread their lies and misinformation to their fellow Americans sans impunity.

Now - if someone can provide evidence that Steve Doocy had never heard of, much less read Willard Mitt Romney's November 18, 2008 op-ed in the New York Fucking Times which was basically a long-winded, snobbish way of telling the American auto industry to fuck off and die -- well then perhaps The Gadfly will reconsider his view that Mr. Doocy is 'The Stupidest MotherFucker On TV.'

Suffice to say, The Gadfly will not be holding his breath in anticipation of such evidence being brought forth any time soon, if ever.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Wading In To The Cesspool (Mindset) of the Average Romney Voter . . .

Oh lord god almighty.

The Gadfly did not know whether to laugh or to cry while watching this.  Especially the part where the interviewer is asking the Romney supporters to explain what Romney's plans are for bettering the country's current situation and why they like those plans.  Merciful deity(ies) whoever thee be - please save us from these ignorant rubes.


The scariest part is knowing that these people breed.


Willard and the Ghost of Shrub Past . . .

Political strategist Robert Creamer asks the intriguing question as to why George W. Bush has not been campaigning for Romney - at all.  The Gadfly too has been wondering where the former Republican President has been during this critical election year.  Unlike Bill Clinton, who has been stumping for Obama since day one, Bush has been completely a non-entity in the Romney effort.

The whole piece is worth reading, but this excerpt from the piece really kind of sums it all up as far as The Gadfly is concerned:

But of course there are many other reasons why the Republicans have failed to ask George Bush to campaign for their Presidential ticket. Two stand out.
We have had two great economic experiments in America over the last 30 years. One succeeded. The other failed – in fact, it was a man made disaster.
The first was led by President Bill Clinton. Clinton believed that you grow the economy from the middle out – not the top down. He understood that businesses don't invest and hire unless there are customers out there with money in their pockets – that they are the "job creators" – not a bunch of hedge fund managers on Wall Street.
Clinton proposed a federal budget that would eliminate the deficit mainly by calling on the wealthiest Americans to pay a little more in taxes -- and by investing in infrastructure and education to grow the economy. And Clinton forcefully defended programs like Medicare when Newt Gingrich wanted to cut them to give tax cuts to the rich.
When his budget was debated in Congress, Republicans predicted it would lead to massive job losses and recession.
The Republicans were dead wrong. Clinton presided over the most prosperous period in human history - literally. On his watch the economy experienced robust growth and created 22 million new American jobs. Clinton eliminated the Federal deficit and left his successor with budget surpluses as far as the eye could see.
Then came George Bush. He cut taxes for the rich – arguing that this would turbo charge job growth and that the deficit would take care of itself. In fact, Bush's Vice President, Dick Cheney – a man who has also been noticeably absent from the campaign trail this fall – famously said that "deficits don't matter."
The result: Bush left office having presided over the worst record of job growth since the Great Depression – zero net private sector jobs created – that's right, zero.
Worse, his failure to regulate Wall Street set the stage for the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression, costing 8 million Americans their jobs, wiping out 40% of many people's pensions, collapsing of the housing market, and causing the worst economic downturn in 60 years.
Bush's trickle down tax policies not only failed to create economic growth – they left the Federal Government saddled with more debt than all of the previous Presidents had racked up since the beginning of the Republic. And remember, that debt load made it even harder for President Obama to clean up the economic mess once he came into office in 2009.
It's not surprising, then, that you don't see George Bush on the stump trying to convince Americans that Mitt Romney's economic policies will create a better life for the middle class. Of course he could step in for Mitt, he certainly knows the script – in fact he wrote the script.
After all, Mitt Romney is promoting exactly the same economic policies that Bush used to create zero private sector jobs, crash the economy and run up the deficit just a few short years ago.

These are the facts folks.  Oh yes, as certain as the sun will rise in the morning, The Gadfly's conservative detractors will don their tin foil antennae hats and begin zombie-like chanting in unison that black is white, up is down, 2+2 = 5 and that facts have a liberal bias.

The Gadfly is truly sick of you childish, reality denying fuckers.  Just grow up will you?

The highlighted section above excerpted from this article is just fact.  Fucking accept it and if you can prove it wrong with evidence instead of just stomping your feet, pouting and calling it "liberal bias" then fucking do it!

Anyhow, the bottom, very uncomplicated explanation as to why George W. Bush is the invisible man in this year's election is because it was he and his incompetent, greedy, and very fucking stupid political cronies who drove the country into the economic and foreign policy ditch by lying through their collective teeth to the American people over and over again - and when confronted with their malfeasance simply continued lying and denied they had any fault for the crisis that America found itself in at the end of Bush's term.

And as the article's writer astutely points out, Romney and Ryan are continuing the lies because they have every fucking intention in the world of going back to the ruinous Bush policies which will continue to benefit the undeserving 1% elites in the country at the expense of quality of life and equitable economic prosperity for the 99% rest of us.

These are facts - and the only bias these facts are infused with is the bias of undeniable reality.

The Gadfly advises all of you to seriously think long and hard about it before you walk in to that voting booth on Tuesday.