Saturday, April 22, 2017

Maybe The Carriage Will Turn In To a Pumpkin Mid-Ride . . . One Can Dream....

He really does see himself as a blue-blood royal -- infinitely higher up the social/society food chain than any of the peasants who gifted him his mighty throne:

Updated: Saturday, April 15, 2017, 2:38 PM
President Trump wants the royal treatment.
The White House has insisted the President’s planned visit to London this fall include a carriage ride with Queen Elizabeth II down “the Mall,” a strip that leads to Buckingham Palace, The Times of London reported.
But local police said such a visit will be a “monster,” because of security protocols and planned protests.
Security sources told the newspaper a carriage — even a closed one — is much more susceptible to an attack than an armored car.

So basically, because The Duke of Drumpfinburgh demands to role-play on the pretense that he is on the same societal playing field as the English Queen, the British police and security apparatus have to go to Defcon 1 mode to appease the spoiled rotten little lordshit.

When Obama visited, he wisely chose not to burden the Brits with such a splashy, selfish performance.  But then again, in the class and manners department, Drumpf is to Obama what Ernest T. Bass is to . . . . . . well just about anyone.

Perhaps though, Drumpf is just jealous.  The Chinese President and the Saudi King have both ridden in the Queen's carriage .... oh - and so has this handsome, dashing aristocrat:

[ click pic to enlarge ]

Ahh -- the answer becomes much clearer.  It is absolutely unthinkable that Donny have his number 1 fan and dedicated sponsor be disappointed by not seeing his protege feted the same way his own plutocratic ass was.  That just wouldn't sit too well with the one who has invested so much time, so many dirty bank loans and gobs of KGB ratfuckery in The Duke's political meal ticket - dontcha know?


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