Saturday, April 22, 2017

Shock Jock Shocked to Find Out That Lying Asshole Behavior Has Shocking Consequences . . .

Faced with the prospect of losing custody of his children, Alex Jones spills the beans, and for quite likely the first time in his own long term memory, he tells the truth:

InfoWars' Alex Jones is a 'performance artist playing a character', says his lawyer
But his ex-wife says he is 'not a stable person'
Notorious US broadcaster Alex Jones is a “performance artist” and his on air persona is an act, according to his lawyer.
Mr Jones runs the controversial Infowars website, which is known for propagating conspiracy theories and its support of Donald Trump.
But Mr Jones is now embroiled in a custody battle with his estranged wife, Kelly Jones, with whom he has three children. She said some of Mr Jones’s on-air rants – for which he is renowned – are evidence of him being “not a stable” father.

The Gadfly loves it and is cheerfully chuckling.  For you see dear readers, Alex Jones has been presenting himself publicly as the average, right wing American patriot's media spokesman for many years.  He's made a decent living off of riling up the conservative, wing nut rubes by spoon-feeding them his (oft times) cruel conspiracy theories and his hallucinatory, bizarro government black helicopters clap-trappery.

It's funny because now that Alex Jones is facing a real-life (as opposed to his radio/internet life) episode that will have real-life, serious consequences to him depending on it's outcome, he now excuses his behavior by saying it's all been an act folks! - and that it's all just "performance art!"

Jones obviously has never seen authentic, intellectually and creativity inspired performance art, but The Gadfly digresses.

No - what's truly humorous about all of this sordidness is that Jones for a very long time has made a smug mockery of the truth and of decency and of compassion and integrity -- all over the public airwaves.  But now that he finds himself in a position where the foreboding eye of the legal/justice system hovers over him, the weak-kneed little shithead has been forced to reveal what he is truly all about and consequently what a gutless charlatan he is, all lest he lose something that he obviously holds very dear and precious.

Jones wants us to just laugh off all the years of lies and the bullshit and the hatred that he's spewed out like a sewer pipe over the public radio radio waves, television and the internet.  It was just a bravura, Academy Award-worthy performance of .. of some form .., dontchya know?

Jones, laughably, is even lecturing the press to behave:

Even though Jones has wrecked the lives of others by promoting trashy and dangerous conspiracy theories, he says his custody battle is a "private matter."
"I urge the press to be respectful and responsible and to show due deference to the process of the law and respect boundaries defined for this case so that a fair result can be found," Jones said in a statement, according to Business Insider. "Above all this is a private matter."

He urges the press to "be respectful and responsible," .... The Gadfly honestly has no words for such brazen two-faced pomposity -- it nearly (key word almost) leaves The Gadfly speechless.

Summarily - Jones, like most of the right wing bomb throwers, is a pathetic weasel, a coward, a con artist, a colossal hypocrite - and certainly no where near the traditional definition of what it means to be a man.  And let's be clear -- The Gadfly does not wonder so much as a fraction of a nano-second why it is that Donald Drumpf likes Alex Jones, listens to him and praises him. Misery, it is said, loves company and as such it then stands to reason that soulless, awful human beings enjoy the company and mutual admiration of other soulless, awful human beings.  It's the unnatural order of things.

Suffice to say that The Gadfly really doesn't give a shit about Alex Jones and his custody battle for his children.  All the available evidence indicates his ex-wife is in the right by wanting to keep her kids away from such a hateful, venom spewing, psychologically damaged asshole like her ex-husband.  The kids deserve to be around mentally stable, life-affirming, positive role models -- which unfortunately, their viciously boorish father is not.

For Alex Jones - whether he learns anything valuable from the lesson that callous, hateful and injurious actions, deeds and words can have consequences, remains to be seen.  If indeed it's all just an act and "performance art" then he has been presented with a fortuitous opportunity to set things right.  If he's lying again, and he really is the the guy as he portrays himself on his radio and internet shows, then whatever personal pain inflicted on him by the custody loss of his children, quite frankly, can't be painful enough.


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