Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ahh - Them Were The Days - Days of Phony Outrage and Phonier Hurt Fee-Fees...

So this happened on Easter Monday at the White House . . .

Umm yeah -- that's the Slovenian soft porn model and first concubine to President *Asterisk elbowing her dolt of a husband to put his hand over his heart at the singing of his beloved nation's national anthem.

Why is this important and why is The Gadfly expending valuable outrage time writing about this on the pages of his shitty little blog?

Well -- first off let's get something clear -- it's not an important event.  The Gadfly could give a flying fuck less whether Drumpf puts his hand over his heart when the national anthem is played or takes his MAGA cap off for the same.  In the big scheme of things, something like this is a complete nothingburger and a waste of time caring about.

However it is worthwhile to note this seemingly trivial episode because for 8 goddamn, excruciating years we had to endure the right's bloodcurdling screams of outrage and the faux expressions of melodramatic dismay at every fucking one of the perceived Obama slights toward patriotism that were conjured up in the fevered cesspools of the collective wingnut mindset.

"Obama refuses to wear a flag lapel pin!" they shrieked.

"Obama put his feet on the oval office desk!" they bellowed.

"Obama saluted the Marines with a cup of coffee in his hand!" they howled.

Remember all of that infantile nonsense dear readers?  The Gadfly does.  8 fucking years of that juvenile, whining bullshit.  The right wing would snivel and rage for days and weeks on end on their special snowflake, right wing websites and in their media bubbles about each of those ridiculous incidents as well as many others.  Many of them are still butt hurt to this very day about those bogus, manufactured controversies!

But boy - they sure are silent now with their savior Drumpf in office performing the same inconsequential etiquette transgressions aren't they?  Which of course makes them all incredibly supercilious hypocrites and impenitent assholes.

And this is why The Gadfly has absolutely no respect for the conservative movement and it's adherents.  None - nada, zilch.  They don't deserve respect.  They most certainly have done nothing to earn any measure of respect.  In all truthfulness, and as far as The Gadfly is concerned, these modern day conservatives have done everything in their power to attract the enmity of the kind trafficked and promulgated right here on the very pages of this very shitty little blog and they will continue to be on the receiving end of that incivility and disrespect for the foreseeable future.

And that dear readers is the sole reason that The Gadfly has joylessly brought this dreadfully trivial incident to your esteemed attention this day -- nothing more, nothing less.


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