Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Tale of the Used Faith Salesman . . .

Watch this first:

The Gadfly shared this video, with accompanying snark about Drumpf's intellectual shortcomings, on his Facebook page earlier.  No doubt at this very moment it is titillating his liberal friends and inciting his conservative friends to kick their cats and beat their wives.

Anyhow, aside from the snark that The Gadfly posted with this video on FB, there was something else more in depth about Drumpf's answer to the very simple request from the interviewer to, "tell me a little bit about god, and your views on god," that The Gadfly wanted to explore, and thus the reading venue transition from FB to The Gadfly's shitty little, but always trusty, blog.

But The Gadfly digresses . . .

What The Gadfly really wanted to talk about was how Donald Drumpf, President of the United States of America, leader of the free world and the world's greatest democracy . . . how he responded to a very simple request to speak about god and provided his views on god.

Now, before The Gadfly gets to his point, The Gadfly has to make it known that while he his self is not a believer, The Gadfly knows people, close people, who are very - The Gadfly wants to say - invested in their faith.  The Gadfly chose the word 'invested' because it means just that - they have invested their human decency, their spiritual health and welfare and the love of their giving souls in to their faith.  Words to describe one's view about their faith such as sincere and serious - or proud - are worthless words when it comes to describing one's views on god and faith. Sincerity and seriousness can be faked.  Pride is most usually borne out of misguided emotion, and very often enflamed and instigated emotion.  But when one is 'invested' in their god and faith - that's the fo shizzle real deal right there dear readers.

Go ahead though -- listen to that satirical sassy Drumpf video above.  Then go find the actual interview in Drumpf's own voice and listen to it.  Listen to both a few times.  Then go look at your reflection in a mirror and try to convince yourself that that man isn't a few filaments short of a working light bulb and that he is about as authentic a normal functioning human being as this insentient individual is ... :

That of course is conservative, internet radio shock jock (more like nut jock) Alex Jones -- whom it must be noted was praised by Donald Drumpf for the quality of his contributions to the public discourse.


Drumpf talks about, supposedly his god, as if he's describing the greatness of one of his garish commercial properties in a con-job sales pitch.  There's a level of lifelessness in the deadpan delivery of his intellectually stunted thoughts on what god is and means to him.  It's sad, but even more than said, it's fucking terrifying.

This intellectually barren man, this person whose soul is so bereft of human spirituality and human consciousness, is the person we have entrusted with our democracy.  He's the person we have entrusted with our futures as free men and women.  He's the person we have entrusted, for all intent and purpose, with our very lives, along with the lives of our children and grandchildren.

Where did we go wrong?  What unholy madness has infected us?  How are we going to fix this wreckage?

The Gadfly can only hope that there are still enough sane and thoughtful adults left in this fucking country who fully realize what foolish danger we have invited upon ourselves and who, when the time comes, are committed to standing up for the goodness and the greatness of this nation's history and ensure it does not end with this masochistic experiment of picking a goddamn, exanimate juvenile-delinquent, ignoramus to lead us forward.

Yes -- the Hope ~ ~ ~ . . . ~ ~ ~ . . . sigh . . . . .


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