Friday, April 14, 2017

Swamp People

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Another one of Drumpf's many lies goes on full display, for all who actually give a shit, to see:

The Trump administration will keep its list of visitors to the White House secret, the White House announced Friday. This move—a major retreat from transparency—breaks from the Obama policy, which regularly released a log of White House visitors, with some exceptions.
The Obama administration was the first to voluntarily disclose its visitor logs. Though the data was incomplete—the White House reserved the right to withhold names it deemed sensitive—this public data was important information regarding how the White House did business. The logs were a much-used resource for media outlets. These records may well be more significant in the Trump administration, which is already mired in conflicts of interest due to the vast financial entanglements of the president (and his daughter, son-in-law, and other key advisers).
White House Communications Director Michael Dubke defended the decision to Time, saying the reversal was due to "the grave national security risks and privacy concerns of the hundreds of thousands of visitors annually." Administration officials also noted that the decision was necessary to allow the president to seek advice from whomever he wants. The logs will be kept secret for at least five years after Trump leaves office.

And of course he claimed during the run up to the election that if elected he and his administration would be the most transparent and ethical ever while simultaneously lobbing unfounded and unproven charges of corruption at Obama and Hillary.

It just makes The Gadfly wonder if there is some magic number of lies that Drumpf can be shown to be telling before his half-wit, cult followers finally realize what colossal suckers that they've been played for.

There is a very good reason Drumpf deep-sixed his promise to have an open administration and is sealing the records of his White House visitors --- and no, you stupid bastards --- it's not because of the "fake" media.  It's because the man is corrupt and the people he associates with are corrupt and the people who will be streaming in and out of the White House while he is squatting there are corrupt and toss in a few Russian oligarchs and batshit nutty loons like Alex Jones and his tinfoil hat brigades, and there you have his justification for keeping it all a big, stinking rotten, noxious secret -- and not secret just for the time that he is in office -- but "for at least five years after" he leaves office!

Drain the swamp The Gadfly's ass --- Drumpf and his people are the putrid motherfucking swamp!!


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