Saturday, March 26, 2016

In The Annals of Not So Intelligent Ideas . . . . .

In the legendary words of the inimitable Flounder . . . . "Oh this Great!"

A petition to allow the open carry of firearms at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland had more than 25,000 signatures Saturday evening.
Ohio is an open-carry state, but Quicken Loans Arena, where the convention is set to be held, bans all weapons on the property. Ohio's concealed carry law allows private entities from banning firearms on their property, according to the arena's policies.

The Gadfly is all for this wonderful idea.  In fact - they ought also to make it open bar night --- free booze for all!  And one can only pray that when the first drunk redneck drops one of his precious cap pistols and it fires off a round, all 25,000 yahoos will instantly whip out their toys and begin madly slinging lead at each other in a circular firing squad formation until every last round is spent.

The Gadfly tells you one thing dear readers, if such a scenario were to play out, the collective IQ of this nation would rise instantly by about 30 points.

Just sayin' . . . .


Feel The Berdie! . . . . .

Bernie Sanders was giving a speech in Portland, OR today and mother nature sent him a precious little heart-warming gift, and hopefully an encouraging message along with it . . . .

The Gadfly eagerly awaits mother nature sending a stinky, ugly carnivorous buzzard to land on the podium of Donny Drumpf's next speech - - this one will do . . . .


The Hellbound Soul of Joseph McCarthy is Dancing a Joyous Jig . . .

Here's something a bit off of the sordid topic of the short-fingered, vulgar Oompa-loompa -- Herr Drumpf:

If any of you have friends or family members - perhaps even good friends with family members - who are suffering from the ravages of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), Parkinson's, spinal cord injuries, eyesight degeneration or Alzheimer's, in addition to a myriad of other life ruining and life threatening illnesses -- this information, providing that the love and care which you profess to have for said friends or family members is sincere, ought to make you hair-on-fire infuriated.

You see dear readers, there is this "special" little congressional committee that has been quietly assembled and is preparing to issue a blizzard of subpoenas to American medical laboratories and medical supply companies to force them to hand over the names of all of the medical and scientific researchers, lab technicians, medical graduate students, and pretty much all administrative personnel who are in way, shape or form connected to the medical and scientific activities of fetal tissue research.

On it's face this would be disconcerting enough but when you find out who is running this nasty cabal of Joe McCarthy revivalism run amok, and you have an ounce of sanity in you, your blood should not only curdle, it should spurt in violent gobs from your eyeballs.

The individual in charge of this kangaroo court is Tennessee Tea Party, ultra wingnut, bible thumping, loony tunes congress critter Marsha Blackburn.

This is what Blackburn said about what her justification is for conducting her little witch hunt.

"We are going to review the business practices of these procurement organizations and do some investigating of how they have constructed a for-profit business model from selling baby body parts.

No -- really -- believe that she said it!  Believe that she said that bilious, duplicitous load of smug, doctrinaire horse shit!!

Even after every state, up to this point, that has investigated, and exonerated Planned Parenthood over the FAKE and DOCTORED Planned Parenthood videos, including the state of Texas who not only rejected the FAKE claims of the people who manufactured those videos to the extent they indicted the video makers themselves, Marsha Blackburn still had the fucking unmitigated gall to infer that fetal tissue research is the activity which consists of "selling baby body parts" for profit.

Charlie Pierce over at Esquire online put it succinctly enough:
This is dangerous stuff. The "business model" of the anti-choice movement thus far has been to identify people involved in helping women exercise their reproductive freedom, harass them at home and on the job, make their lives utterly miserable, and, on occasion, shoot them dead in their kitchens. Now, they've moved on from the people who actually perform abortions to the people who use fetal tissue in medical research. Imagine that you're some underpaid lab tech, or some poor post-doc, buried under student loans, and one day you get a subpoena to testify in front of Congress. You have to hire a lawyer, and not somebody who pitches himself on late-night cable access, either. And, even with all that stress, you know that you're now being pursued by the respectable face of a political movement that kills people.

This supremely self-serving moron of a woman is using her own interpretation of her chosen religion to make the lives of other human beings infinitely more miserable and unbearable by using her governmental powers (Btw - The Gadfly was under the impression that these Tea Party assholes were against government overreach - hmm - apparently that only applies only if it involves Democrats legislating to protect Americans and our natural resources from the corporate vultures) to intimidate and harass the medical and scientific professional men and women who are doing vital work in the area of trying to understand and find medicines and cures for some of theses truly horrible diseases that afflict mankind.

The Gadfly would ask his dear readers this question --- how is what Marsha Blackburn and her committee of Torquemada goons are doing by using her religion to destroy people's lives, any fucking different and revolting than what Islamic extremists are doing with their interpretation of their chosen religion to destroy lives?  And that is not a fucking rhetorical question either.  It's a fair, straight up question which deserves a fair straight up answer.

The day that a clear majority of Americans can look themselves in the mirror and give a fair, straight up answer to that question, and then have the courage to speak up and do something about it, is the day this nation can at long last permanently marginalize these fundamentalist, American religious assholes to the point that their extremism is no longer a threat to the republic and it's citizenry.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

It's Long Past Time For The Adults to Step In and Deal With This Asshole . . .

Looks like someone left Little Donny Drumpf unattended in his Twitter sandbox a bit too long today . . .

Right out of the gate, Drumpf got right down to his creepy business by smugly insulting Ted Cruz's wife's looks:

After trashing Mrs. Cruz, Donny then went on a Twitter rantalooza:

[click to enlarge]

[click to enlarge]

[click to enlarge]

And that was just a sampling of today's musings from little Donny.

The Gadfly's favorite is this one:

"Just announced that as many as 5000 ISIS fighters have infiltrated Europe. Also, many in U.S. I TOLD YOU SO! I alone can fix this problem!"

Imagine that!  Emperor Drumpf, once he is in power, "alone" is going take care of ISIS.  All by his self.  And of course he found it imperative to inform everyone that -- ISIS is "in U.S." . . . . run for your lives!!!!, but not before casting a vote for Emperor Drumpf, whom all by his magnificent self, is going to save you and your families from the imminent beheadings of the Mooslim savages!

Good lord you Trump supporters --- this is the lunatic's hands you are ready to put your country's future in to?  What in God's fucking name is wrong with you people??  Pull your goddamn ridiculous heads out of your collective assholes and ponder what it is you are considering doing to the country that you "supposedly" love by electing this vulgar, hateful ignoramus to be the leader of the greatest democracy in history.

The Gadfly begs you - please consider the repercussions that your vote for this prepubescent man-child are going to have on this nation and it's people, and even if you really don't give a shit about this nation's people, at least think about your own children's and grandchildren's futures living with the fallout (possibly literally) from the domestic and foreign policy decisions that this pompous, blustering fool is going to foist upon them.


Saturday, March 19, 2016

And By His Friends, Ye Shall Know Him . . .

Ok -- so there's this guy named Alex Jones -- some of you may know of him.  He's a mentally unhinged, conspiracy obsessed AM hate radio screecher who is on the record as believing that the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre was fake -- that it was staged by an army of Obama hired actors.

Alex Jones had something to say this week about his savior Donald Drumpf.  Observe:

JONES: I'm trying to save humanity, I'm trying to have a future for my kids. The globalists are trying to build a world where normal human life is over. it's a total revolution against the planet itself. it's an elite playing God. And I've done my's the devil.

And the churches aren't going to tell you. It's an alien force, not of this world - attacking humanity - like the bible and every other ancient text says...It's not of this world. I don't know exactly what it is or what it's doing, but this is not human intelligence, OK?
The elite hate Trump. If he is a psy-op, he's the most sophisticated one I ever saw.
Humanity has got to get off world. We have access to life extension technologies. talk about discrimination...I want the advanced life extension!

Drumpf was on this guy's show just a few months ago and had this to say to Alex Jones....

Washington (CNN)  Donald Trump is heaping praise on a radio host who has asserted that the U.S. government was involved in the Oklahoma City bombing and the September 11 terrorist attacks.
"Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down," Trump told Alex Jones during a Wednesday afternoon appearance on the proprietor's show.

Jones shared the love, telling Trump that "my audience, 90% of them, they support you."

Jones, who has advanced a number of conspiracy theories, gained prominence as a 9/11 "truther."

He has previously asserted on his radio show that there is a "98% chance this was a government-orchestrated controlled bombing.

So Donald Drumpf told a whacked out of his mind wingnut radio host, who believes the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing, the 9/11 attacks and the Sandy Hook massacre were all government staged events in order to take your freedom and your guns from you, that his "reputation is amazing,  I will not let you down."

The Gadfly implores his dear readers ---- the Presidency of the United States of America requires a man, or woman, with the intellectual and mental capacity to make decisions that are in the best interests of this nation's continued existence, as well as the competent welfare of the nation's economy and the social and political stability of it's citizens.

Do you Drumpf supporters truly believe that someone who has publicly declared that the mental institute escapee Alex Jones is an individual with an "amazing reputation" should be in charge of the world's greatest democracy and most powerful military?  Fucking really?????

Much more importantly though for those who still have at least half of a brain to think with -- do you trust a man with such judgement skills to orchestrate the future quality of economic and social life of your children and grandchildren?

Look in the closest mirror and ask yourself that question.  The quicker, the better.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Like Thelma & Louise - America Races Toward The Idiocracy Precipice...

This nation's idiocracy reckoning is much nearer at hand than what The Gadfly had believed.

Watch Samantha Bee from The Daily Show interview some millennial Drumpf supporters:

That was not a staged sketch, and yes, those people are real, and yes, they are honest to God Drumpf acolytes.

Suffice to say that if these air-headed asshats are the best and the brightest that our universities are churning out, then democracy as we know it is already 5 feet and a few inches in the grave.

No wonder Bee was reduced to wanting to drain that bottle of champagne at the end of that mind numbing piece.  The Gadfly is quite renowned for his imbibing proclivities, but if it were The Gadfly who had to sit through the drivel these nitwits were spewing, there isn't enough booze in the world that could assuage The Gadfly's horror at pondering the prospect of these goofs as our nation's future "leaders."


Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Darkie Leaves Tread Marks On The Orangutan's Ass .....

Say what you want about Obama, and The Gadfly thinks he's been a failure on several issues, but when you step back from the nuts & bolts policy krap, and just observe the man himself -- he really is one cool cat .... nothing flusters him ... and he has a pretty wicked sense of humor too ....


Skewering Herr Drumpf on his own name recognition consumer products (of which they're all bullshit ---> click HERE).  Priceless.   Deftly exposing a con artist for what he truly is.

That is some cool cat stuff by Obama -- it reminded The Gadfly of the night he calmly, coolly and confidently strutted out of the White House to announce the death of Bin Laden .... it was like he knew all along it was going to happen, and when it did, he just matter of factly told the nation it was done - no drama queen shit, just straight forward, adult conversation truthfulness -- (something btw - which right wingers have a very hard time dealing with).

You know what though? -- honestly -- The Gadfly is ready for Obama to leave office --- his black skinned presence has caused a quarter of the populace of this nation to lose their collective fucking minds, giving rise to the TeaBaggers and Herr Drumpf .... so maybe the Darkie being out of office might calm the goons down a bit.

But The Gadfly will say this --- Obama's legacy, when future historians take account of it, will probably put him in the pantheon of this country's greatest presidents.  And no -- that is not a partisan observation --- it's a reality world based observation.


For What It's Worth . . .

For the past 7 and a half years, our current president, who incidentally, The Gadfly has been greatly disappointed by on numerous policies and issues, domestic and foreign, has been trying mightily to help this nation to recover from the war mongering and the catastrophic economic policy decisions made by the previous administration --- decisions made in conjunction with the enabling of a bunch of oligarchy bought and paid for, foolish tools of a morally bankrupt Republican party.

All the while these 7 + years, the Republican-controlled Congress has been obstructing and failing, and even outright refusing, to address any of the real world, life affecting problems that millions of Americans are faced with on a daily basis, with cogent and responsible solutions.  Just say NO! to Obama is not a legitimate governing strategy.  It is the governing strategy of intellectually destitute cowards who find it much easier to back-stab and sabotage their country's president than to honorably work with him and arrive at mutually comprised solutions that everyone can live with, and which advance the country forward to the benefit of all.

Therefore, The Gadfly, for what it's fucking worth and for whoever gives a flying fuck, hereby states that regardless of who is on the Republican Presidential ticket this year, The Gadfly, going against his usually open-minded demeanor to fairly consider all party's candidates based on their positions, will not vote for any of them.  The Republicans at this point, as a group, and a political party, deny facts, cater to fear, hate and ignorance, and advocate violence as a solution, at home and abroad.  They are unworthy of consideration to govern this great nation and it's great people.

They have consistently demonstrated their inability to govern with any level of seriousness and fairness.  They exhibit blatantly obvious contempt for democracy and constitutional law, in addition to any demonstrable ability to present realistic solutions to complex societal and worldly problems.  They are incapable of promoting unity within their own party, much less the country as a whole.  And while The Gadfly acknowledges that no one political party or candidate has all of the solutions to this nation's pressing issues, it is irrefutably clear that the modern day Republican party and it's current crop of shockingly unworthy and egregiously unqualified candidates have shown they have none - nada - zilch.

And that is all.


Make Donald Drumpf Again . . . Although Politically & Culturally Irrelevant Would Suffice ...

Herr Drumpf's (god bless John Oliver) Brown Shirts are ramping up the stakes in making their ugly and hateful presence known:

WASHINGTON -- Video surfaced Thursday of a Donald Trump supporter punching a protester in the face at the Republican presidential front-runner's rally in North Carolina on Wednesday. 
The footage shows a white man in a cowboy hat walk down the row to the aisle where protesters are leaving and sucker-punch an African-American man, later identified as Rakeem Jones.
WRAL reports that the suspect, John McGraw, 78, was charged with assault and battery on Thursday.
Moments before the attack, the protester appeared to wave a middle finger at the crowd on his way out. Men in uniforms that read “Sheriff’s Office ” were leading the protesters away. 
Inside Edition tracked down McGraw after the rally and asked him if he liked the rally. “You bet I liked it. Knocking the hell out of that big mouth," McGraw said.
Asked why he punched the protester, McGraw told Inside Edition, "Number one, we don’t know if he’s ISIS." 
"We don’t know who he is, but we know he’s not acting like an American," McGraw went on. "The next time we see him, we might have to kill him."

"We don't know if he's ISIS"??  Jeebus Fuck.  The Gadfly knows just how deep the stupid runs among these Drumpf lizard brains, but wow --- just wow --- ISIS??  The mind staggers at the depth of the dumbness.

"We don’t know who he is, but we know he’s not acting like an American" -- that statement so succinctly sums up the right wing, lizard brain mindset of Herr Drumpf's borg followers.  Basically what the cowardly sucker-punch guy is saying is that, anyone who isn't a good, goose-stepping, Herr Drumpf loving 'Murrikan' like him, deserves to be assaulted, and not just assaulted in an honorable, man-to-man, mano-a-mano type manner, but in a cowardly, sucker-punch manner.  Then, as if to underscore the primordial nature of his tiny lizard brain, Mr. SuckerPuncher doubles down on his assholery by saying, "The next time we see him, we might have to kill him."  Ahh yes -- murder in the name of one's chosen ideology --- how very quaintly totalitarian.

And make no mistake about it -- Drumpf is deliberately stoking the fiery coals in the violence prone bellies of his Orc followers.  Statements at his rallies to his fanatical sycophants about wishing he could "punch them in the face" (protesters) and how in the good old days, protesters would be "taken out on a stretcher" and even boasting to his storm troopers that he "will pay for the legal fees" if any of them are arrested for violence against protesters -- if he keeps it up, someone is going to get killed and Herr Drumpf is gonna have a lot of 'splainin' to do Lucy - hopefully - in front of federal judge and grand jury.

Drumpf is a deranged, narcissistic fucking lunatic.  And certainly not someone who can be trusted to control the levers of power of the world's greatest democracy and it's powerful military.  He is a thin-skinned, vainglorious, vindictive, desultory, man-child sociopath -- and those are his milder traits.  Unfortunately they just so happen to be the kind of traits that so deliriously attract the KKK types, the Tea Party bigots and militaristic jack asses, and just generally people who, for lack of a better way of describing it, have brain matter inside their skulls that has degenerated into a flabby mass of useless, gelatinous goop -- principally for lack of using it for anything and everything other than critical thinking.

If Drumpf is the GOP nominee, it will be the ignominious end of the party of Lincoln and the grotesque beginning of a dangerously neo-fascist movement that is bound and determined to maliciously tear apart this nation's society solely because representative democracy doesn't quite work for them when it's practiced the way it is supposed to be - you know - as it is laid out in our Constitution.  And let there be no misunderstanding --- when the kind of people who are enamored of Drumpf's deleterious arrogance encounter something they don't like or understand, their natural instinct is to destroy or kill it - and most certainly not allow anyone else to have and prosper of it.

For those of The Gadfly's fellow Americans who truly and sincerely wish to see this nation succeed equally for all of it's citizens and who believe that a diverse, united America is a much stronger and more influential nation in the world capable of achieving great things, not just for our own citizens, but for humanity as a whole, it is long past time to make a stand and take a side against the divisive hatred of Drumpf and the cancerous nativism that he is peddling to a faction of our citizenry who are all too mindlessly and frighteningly eager, for whatever unfathomably insane reason, to see an authoritarian, despotic tyrant rule over all of our lives.

Enough of this fucking godawful stupidity already!  Your children's and grandchildren's futures are in your hands dear readers -- either you care to see to the competent care of those children's future, or you don't.  It's your choice.


Btw . . . . for those wishing to start making that stand that The Gadfly alluded to -- here's a good place to start: