Saturday, March 12, 2016

For What It's Worth . . .

For the past 7 and a half years, our current president, who incidentally, The Gadfly has been greatly disappointed by on numerous policies and issues, domestic and foreign, has been trying mightily to help this nation to recover from the war mongering and the catastrophic economic policy decisions made by the previous administration --- decisions made in conjunction with the enabling of a bunch of oligarchy bought and paid for, foolish tools of a morally bankrupt Republican party.

All the while these 7 + years, the Republican-controlled Congress has been obstructing and failing, and even outright refusing, to address any of the real world, life affecting problems that millions of Americans are faced with on a daily basis, with cogent and responsible solutions.  Just say NO! to Obama is not a legitimate governing strategy.  It is the governing strategy of intellectually destitute cowards who find it much easier to back-stab and sabotage their country's president than to honorably work with him and arrive at mutually comprised solutions that everyone can live with, and which advance the country forward to the benefit of all.

Therefore, The Gadfly, for what it's fucking worth and for whoever gives a flying fuck, hereby states that regardless of who is on the Republican Presidential ticket this year, The Gadfly, going against his usually open-minded demeanor to fairly consider all party's candidates based on their positions, will not vote for any of them.  The Republicans at this point, as a group, and a political party, deny facts, cater to fear, hate and ignorance, and advocate violence as a solution, at home and abroad.  They are unworthy of consideration to govern this great nation and it's great people.

They have consistently demonstrated their inability to govern with any level of seriousness and fairness.  They exhibit blatantly obvious contempt for democracy and constitutional law, in addition to any demonstrable ability to present realistic solutions to complex societal and worldly problems.  They are incapable of promoting unity within their own party, much less the country as a whole.  And while The Gadfly acknowledges that no one political party or candidate has all of the solutions to this nation's pressing issues, it is irrefutably clear that the modern day Republican party and it's current crop of shockingly unworthy and egregiously unqualified candidates have shown they have none - nada - zilch.

And that is all.


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