Thursday, March 24, 2016

It's Long Past Time For The Adults to Step In and Deal With This Asshole . . .

Looks like someone left Little Donny Drumpf unattended in his Twitter sandbox a bit too long today . . .

Right out of the gate, Drumpf got right down to his creepy business by smugly insulting Ted Cruz's wife's looks:

After trashing Mrs. Cruz, Donny then went on a Twitter rantalooza:

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And that was just a sampling of today's musings from little Donny.

The Gadfly's favorite is this one:

"Just announced that as many as 5000 ISIS fighters have infiltrated Europe. Also, many in U.S. I TOLD YOU SO! I alone can fix this problem!"

Imagine that!  Emperor Drumpf, once he is in power, "alone" is going take care of ISIS.  All by his self.  And of course he found it imperative to inform everyone that -- ISIS is "in U.S." . . . . run for your lives!!!!, but not before casting a vote for Emperor Drumpf, whom all by his magnificent self, is going to save you and your families from the imminent beheadings of the Mooslim savages!

Good lord you Trump supporters --- this is the lunatic's hands you are ready to put your country's future in to?  What in God's fucking name is wrong with you people??  Pull your goddamn ridiculous heads out of your collective assholes and ponder what it is you are considering doing to the country that you "supposedly" love by electing this vulgar, hateful ignoramus to be the leader of the greatest democracy in history.

The Gadfly begs you - please consider the repercussions that your vote for this prepubescent man-child are going to have on this nation and it's people, and even if you really don't give a shit about this nation's people, at least think about your own children's and grandchildren's futures living with the fallout (possibly literally) from the domestic and foreign policy decisions that this pompous, blustering fool is going to foist upon them.


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