Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Hellbound Soul of Joseph McCarthy is Dancing a Joyous Jig . . .

Here's something a bit off of the sordid topic of the short-fingered, vulgar Oompa-loompa -- Herr Drumpf:

If any of you have friends or family members - perhaps even good friends with family members - who are suffering from the ravages of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), Parkinson's, spinal cord injuries, eyesight degeneration or Alzheimer's, in addition to a myriad of other life ruining and life threatening illnesses -- this information, providing that the love and care which you profess to have for said friends or family members is sincere, ought to make you hair-on-fire infuriated.

You see dear readers, there is this "special" little congressional committee that has been quietly assembled and is preparing to issue a blizzard of subpoenas to American medical laboratories and medical supply companies to force them to hand over the names of all of the medical and scientific researchers, lab technicians, medical graduate students, and pretty much all administrative personnel who are in way, shape or form connected to the medical and scientific activities of fetal tissue research.

On it's face this would be disconcerting enough but when you find out who is running this nasty cabal of Joe McCarthy revivalism run amok, and you have an ounce of sanity in you, your blood should not only curdle, it should spurt in violent gobs from your eyeballs.

The individual in charge of this kangaroo court is Tennessee Tea Party, ultra wingnut, bible thumping, loony tunes congress critter Marsha Blackburn.

This is what Blackburn said about what her justification is for conducting her little witch hunt.

"We are going to review the business practices of these procurement organizations and do some investigating of how they have constructed a for-profit business model from selling baby body parts.

No -- really -- believe that she said it!  Believe that she said that bilious, duplicitous load of smug, doctrinaire horse shit!!

Even after every state, up to this point, that has investigated, and exonerated Planned Parenthood over the FAKE and DOCTORED Planned Parenthood videos, including the state of Texas who not only rejected the FAKE claims of the people who manufactured those videos to the extent they indicted the video makers themselves, Marsha Blackburn still had the fucking unmitigated gall to infer that fetal tissue research is the activity which consists of "selling baby body parts" for profit.

Charlie Pierce over at Esquire online put it succinctly enough:
This is dangerous stuff. The "business model" of the anti-choice movement thus far has been to identify people involved in helping women exercise their reproductive freedom, harass them at home and on the job, make their lives utterly miserable, and, on occasion, shoot them dead in their kitchens. Now, they've moved on from the people who actually perform abortions to the people who use fetal tissue in medical research. Imagine that you're some underpaid lab tech, or some poor post-doc, buried under student loans, and one day you get a subpoena to testify in front of Congress. You have to hire a lawyer, and not somebody who pitches himself on late-night cable access, either. And, even with all that stress, you know that you're now being pursued by the respectable face of a political movement that kills people.

This supremely self-serving moron of a woman is using her own interpretation of her chosen religion to make the lives of other human beings infinitely more miserable and unbearable by using her governmental powers (Btw - The Gadfly was under the impression that these Tea Party assholes were against government overreach - hmm - apparently that only applies only if it involves Democrats legislating to protect Americans and our natural resources from the corporate vultures) to intimidate and harass the medical and scientific professional men and women who are doing vital work in the area of trying to understand and find medicines and cures for some of theses truly horrible diseases that afflict mankind.

The Gadfly would ask his dear readers this question --- how is what Marsha Blackburn and her committee of Torquemada goons are doing by using her religion to destroy people's lives, any fucking different and revolting than what Islamic extremists are doing with their interpretation of their chosen religion to destroy lives?  And that is not a fucking rhetorical question either.  It's a fair, straight up question which deserves a fair straight up answer.

The day that a clear majority of Americans can look themselves in the mirror and give a fair, straight up answer to that question, and then have the courage to speak up and do something about it, is the day this nation can at long last permanently marginalize these fundamentalist, American religious assholes to the point that their extremism is no longer a threat to the republic and it's citizenry.


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