Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Like Thelma & Louise - America Races Toward The Idiocracy Precipice...

This nation's idiocracy reckoning is much nearer at hand than what The Gadfly had believed.

Watch Samantha Bee from The Daily Show interview some millennial Drumpf supporters:

That was not a staged sketch, and yes, those people are real, and yes, they are honest to God Drumpf acolytes.

Suffice to say that if these air-headed asshats are the best and the brightest that our universities are churning out, then democracy as we know it is already 5 feet and a few inches in the grave.

No wonder Bee was reduced to wanting to drain that bottle of champagne at the end of that mind numbing piece.  The Gadfly is quite renowned for his imbibing proclivities, but if it were The Gadfly who had to sit through the drivel these nitwits were spewing, there isn't enough booze in the world that could assuage The Gadfly's horror at pondering the prospect of these goofs as our nation's future "leaders."


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