Monday, March 19, 2018

The RatFck'ers Have Had Their Say -- Mr. Mueller, The Floor Is All Yours....

You have to go watch this video. 

That is some a special kind of ratfucking these guys got going on dear readers.  The content of that video fills in a lot of gray area.

Keep in mind, this company has connections to Russia and the Trump campaign was so enamored of the services that they were offering them that they hired them to work for the Trump presidential campaign. 

For months and months, across the broad spectrum of mainstream and social media, Drumpf has had unfettered and unchallenged access to the American people to present his side of this Russia election ratfucking and possible collusion story.

Drumpf has likely issued thousands of public statements and Tweets of his own and his administration spokespeople have probably issued just as many on his behalf.  Trump has probably Tweeted every goddamn day for the past 6 months straight giving us all his side of the story and defending himself.  And that's fine - as it should be.

But Americans have yet to hear Special Counsel Robert Mueller's side of the story.

Nary a peep from the "Magnificent Bastard" himself.

And you know what folks?  Robert Mueller has something Donald Trump doesn't have.  Robert Mueller has about a year's worth of world-class investigative evidence in his possession right now.

The American people need to see that evidence so that they may judge for themselves whether this investigation, which their tax dollars have paid for, truly has something concrete to legally act upon, or, if it truly is a "witch hunt" like Drumpf keeps rage-Tweeting at us day in and day out.

So then - why does Drumpf so vehemently only want his side of the story presented to the entire country?  Why does Donald Trump not trust the judgment of U.S. citizens, taxpayers, and voters to hear Robert Mueller's story and view his evidence and be allowed to make up their own minds on this matter?

What manner of malicious acts is Donald Trump hiding, such that he cannot grant Mr. Mueller, a man who is almost universally acknowledged to be someone of respectable character and integrity, an opportunity to present his story?

This is unprecedented folks.

Drumpf, it appears, seems to be more than willing to inflict a great deal of harm and suffering on this country institutions, it's constitution and it's people in order to deny Mr. Mueller his fair opportunity to inform the American people of his findings and present the evidence of those findings.

That is very disturbing - as it should be to anyone who cares about this nation's future as a functioning democracy.

And you know what else - when you start to factor in all of these Russia connections - it really almost begins to take on the air of a c_ _ _ . . . . nahh -- The Gadfly ain't going there just yet...but as we have already been witness to with this Drumpf bunch, it pays to be wary.


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Place Your Bets, Ladies & Gents - Place Your Bets! . . . .

[ click pic to enlarge ]

The way Putin runs elections is the way Drumpf can only wet-dream wish to do likewise here:

By Anton Troianovski March 18 at 7:22 AM Email the author

MOSCOW — From the Arctic to the International Space Station, Russia rolled out an elaborate presidential-election-day spectacle on Sunday designed to show the breadth of Vladimir Putin’s public support as Russians cast ballots in a vote that appears sure to extend their president’s tenure to 2024.

Putin’s opponents on Sunday’s ballot in the Russian presidential election include a nationalist, a Communist, and two liberals. But Putin barely campaigned, opposition activist Alexei Navalny was barred from the ballot, and a landslide victory giving Putin a fourth, six-year presidential term appears certain.

Instead, the biggest question as Russians went to the polls on Sunday was the level of turnout. While independent polls show that most Russians continue to approve of Putin as president, a lack of suspense or popular opposition candidates threatened to keep people home. The Kremlin, analysts say, is looking for high turnout to deliver legitimacy for another Putin term.

The Gadfly is starting a betting pool -- since we know Kremlin-sponsored polls being talked about in state-sponsored Russian media have been being indicative of a 80% approval rating of Putin by Russian voters, you know it would look pretty fishy if he won with 80% of the vote, right?

So what number do you think Pooty-poot will be comfortable with telling the world that he won by?  And when The Gadfly says "comfortable," he means, what winning percentage number has to be enough to appease Putin's Drumpf'-like ego?

The Gadfly is going to say. . . -- they eventually announce that Putin announces wins with at least 55 to 65% of the vote.  You know .. just that right sweet spot number that isn't ridiculously obvious of ratfucking, but just enough to allow for begrudging appeasement of the rubes.

Anything less than that, The Gadfly would have to think that the sonofabitch is just sadistically fucking with world then.

Oh, and one last thing.  Why did not Donald Trump authorize U.S. national security entities to ratfuck Vladimir Putin's sham election, like Putin perpetrated on America?  It has been over a year since the debate was settled that Putin meddled in our electoral process.  And not a fucking thing has been done to address it.  Not one single retaliatory U.S. action.

And don't even mention the stupid sanctions, the ones Congress authorized and which Drumpf refused to implement until Putin's chemical weapons attack on the UK forced him to finally, and begrudgingly, put them in to action.  And Drumpf couldn't even make that official announcement himself, he sent his Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to to issue the public statement and Drumpf's team put out some weak, meek banal presidential statement about being on the U.K.'s side.

The whole world is watching what this deceitful buffoon is doing to this country dear readers, and they're beginning to feel very uneasy about it.  You should be as well.

Anyhow -- feel free to add your bet to the pool.


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Patriotism Is Unlikely To Be The Last Refuge Of This Scoundrel...

[ click pic to enlarge ]

The constitutional crisis that is staring this country in the face right now has absolutely nothing to do with the firing of former acting and Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe a day before his retirement and pension benefits commence.

It's a collateral issue at best.

What this is about is what is going on in a certain deluded fascist's mind.

Here, from just within the past few hours, in Donald J. Trump's very own words, and typed with Donald J. Trump's own stubby orange fingers, is precisely what is on his mind:

"There was tremendous leaking, lying and corruption at the highest levels of the FBI, Justice & State."

He isn't coy is he.

He just blurts it right out ... namely that the FBI, the United States Department of Justice, and the United States Department of State, are "deep state" traitors who are colluding to bring down a democratically elected president.  Why would they do this?  While Trump does does not mouth the actual words saying so, apparently it is because he views them all -- all -- to be Hillary Clinton foot soldiers, and as such, insufficiently patriotic to Donald J. Trump's satisfaction.

That is precisely what that Tweet is saying.

Donald J. Trump is attempting to decapitate the leadership structure of the nation's premier law enforcement and foreign policy organizations.  And he is doing it because he demands oaths of loyalty from these people, directly to his person, instead of the law, the constitution, and the American people.

Donald J. Trump is the constitutional crisis dear readers.  He is, at this very moment, staring every citizen of this nation in right in the face.  And he's daring the citizens of this country to choose a side.

“THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated”

Thomas Paine, The Crisis

Choose wisely.


It Didn't Have To Be This Way -- But The Time Has Come For Americans To Choose Sides...

The constitutional crisis that The Gadfly and many others have been predicting was not a matter of if, but when, is upon the people of the United States of America:

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)   — For the first time, a high-ranking and decorated member of America’s military has come out swinging against President Donald Trump.

Retired four-star Gen. Barry McCaffrey tweeted Friday that the president was a threat to national security.

Actually, he tweeted that the president was “a serious threat” to national security.

McCaffrey, 75, is a highly decorated soldier who has been awarded two Silver Stars, three Purple Hearts and two Distinguished Service Crosses. He served in Vietnam. The president avoided service in the war due to bone spurs.

The retired general known for his no-nonsense approach wrote that president Trump seemed to be under Russian President Vladimir Putin’s sway “for some unknown reason.”

The Gadfly will cut right to the chase.

General Barry McCaffrey is no flaming liberal.  His voice and his viewpoint are based on his decorated military career and his lifelong dedication to this nation's and it's people's safety and security, our constitution, and our way of life.

The Gadfly cannot speak for anyone but his self, but it goes without saying, that The Gadfly sides with a highly respected and decorated career military man who has put his life on the line for this country and led other American men and women in to battle on behalf of his sworn duty to safeguard our national security interests and our democracy and freedoms.

The rest of you all will need to decide, hopefully soon, whether you are on General McCaffrey's side or on this military service, draft dodging asshole's side:

Choose wisely.


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Gibson Guitars or Russki Balalaikas . . . . What's It Going To Be America?

Another hallmark trait of fascism -- purging the government ranks of suspected, disloyal foot soldiers:

House Democrats on Thursday accused Trump-appointed officials in the State Department and at the White House of working with outside conservative activists to conduct a “cleaning” of career staff whom, according to emails handed over to Dems by a whistleblower, they deemed insufficiently loyal to the President’s agenda.

Reps. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and Eliot Engel (D-NY) — the top Democrats on the House Oversight and Foreign Affairs Committees, respectively — made the claims in a letter dated Thursday to White House chief of staff John Kelly and Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan. In the letter, Cummings and Engel requested documents and interviews related to the reassignment of State Department career staff and civil servants.

Politico has also obtained the emails the Democrats referenced in their letter.

In one email, David Wurmser, formerly a Middle East adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, sent former House Speaker Newt Gingrich a March 2017 article in the Conservative Review targeting Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, a career State staffer and expert in Iran policy.

“Newt: I think a cleaning is in order here,”  Wurmser wrote, according to the Democrats’ letter. “I hear Tillerson actually been reasonably good on stuff like this and cleaning house, but there are so many that it boggles the mind…”

The Gadfly cannot decide what's more revolting about this story - the fact that they are trying to implement a Stalin-like ideological cleansing of career State Department employees, based solely on insufficient loyalty to dear leader, or that it has resurrected the ill-begotten names of geezer Republican scumbags Newt "Serial Adulterer" Gingrich (R), and Dick "Darth" Cheney.

The Gadfly hopes that he lives for at least another 25 years or so, because if The Gadfly does reach that plateau, and of course - providing we haven't been annexed by Russia and turned in to just another one of their satellite states by that time - The Gadfly will spend as much time as is necessary out of his final years on this planet, traveling around the country, and pissing on every last one of these bastard's graves.

Is that harsh?  Yes - yes it is.  But it's not bitter!  No, no,no - it is not.  It's joyful harshness.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Into The Deep . . .

The usually staid Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo is now asking the same question that The Gadfly has been asking for weeks now . . . how deep?  How deep does the Russian ratfucking really go?

Does Vladimir Putin have something on Trump? Is there money involved? Is it simply that in the nature of things Putin can expose the collusion that took place during the 2016 campaign. Perhaps it’s just an on-going arrangement freely engage in on both sides. Of course, we can speculate that President Trump simply has a profound admiration and attraction to Putin which makes any criticism impossible. But that would if anything be worse than kompromat and bribes. Something is clearly wrong, very wrong. The President is not able to act in America’s interest with regard to Russia. And that unexplained subservience sends shockwaves across numerous critical US alliances, particularly in Europe.

It is important to note that there is no single policy that is in America’s interest. There is a range of policies and ways of dealing with Russia, some more aggressive than others. Those are different policies each rooted in different strategies and interpretations of statecraft. But they are united by a calculus that puts the interests of the United States first without any conflicting allegiances, corrupt alliances or compromised intentions. For now, we simply don’t have that.

That isn’t just a massive indictment of President Trump. It’s a great danger for the United States and every American citizen. Because on this critical front – not an existential threat, not the only or even necessarily the greatest threat – our government is decapitated at the top. We don’t know how far this goes.

Rumor is that Trump and that little cherub-faced troll Devin Nunes are looking to go after AG Jeff Sessions and/or his deputy Rod Rosenstein, with the intended, combined goal of throttling or even shutting down the Mueller investigation.  When that occurs dear readers -- all shit is going to hit the fan and this country is going to go through some very bad, painful and dangerous times.

. . . . . . 

Just saying folks . . . just saying.


As The Baddie Neo-Nazi World Turns . . . and Why Skulls?? . . .

Ladies and Gentlemen -- The Gadfly presents to you -- The Master Race . . . .

The wife of Matthew Heimbach, who leads the neo-Nazi Traditionalist Worker Party, told police that during a domestic altercation, her husband kicked a wall, grabbed her face, and threw her violently on a bed, according to a police report obtained by TPM. The incident occurred in the presence of the couple’s two young sons.

As TPM reported, Heimbach, 26, was arrested early Tuesday morning and charged with one felony count of domestic battery in the presence of a child under 16, and one misdemeanor count of battery.

The arrest followed a bizarre sequence of events stemming from an extramarital affair Heimbach was conducting, according to the police report.

The white nationalist leader is married to Brooke Heimbach, the step-daughter of Matt Parrott, the Traditionalist Worker Party’s chief spokesman. Matthew Heimbach was also carrying on an affair with Parrott’s wife, Jessica Parrott. Per the police report, when Brooke Heimbach and Matt Parrott confronted Matthew Heimbach about the relationship, Matthew physically attacked both of them.

The group all live in the same trailer park compound in rural Paoli, Indiana, where the Traditionalist Worker Party is based. In statements to the police, all four listed their professions as “white nationalists.”

This is the kind of stuff comedy writers salivate over . . .

So let's take stock of this mess shall we?

Here are the players:

Matthew Heimbach:  Leader of  the neo-Nazi Traditionalist Worker Party

Brooke Heimbach:  Married to the neo-Nazi leader Matthew Heimbach

Matt Parrot:  Chief spokesman for the same neo-Nazi group

Jessica Parrot:  Wife of the spokesman Matt Parrot and mother of Brooke Heimbach.

Alright, so here's the lowdown:

Matthew Heimbach is arrested for domestic battery on his wife Brooke Heimbach.  The violence took place in view of their two young children.

Matthew Heimbach was apparently fucking his mother-in-law Jessica Parrot, wife of his neo-Nazi group's spokesman Matt Parrot.

Brooke Heimbach and Matt Parrot found out about the sexual affair and confronted Matthew Heimbach.

Apparently Heimbach was none too happy about being discovered and beat up his wife Brooke and Matt Parrot in front of his kids.

Now the really funny stuff . . . .

They all "live in the same trailer park compound" in rural Paoli, Indiana.

When question by police, they all listed their professions as "white nationalists."

A bunch of hick, trailer trash, "professional" white nationalist Nazis were screwing each other's women and got violent with each other in front of minor children and the cops came and hauled one of them off to jail and who knows what happened to the rest of them, and god help those poor fucking kids.

Sigh . . . . . master race . . . . . pffft!



Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lady Liberty's Dire Predicament... [pssst! - don't drink the tea]

[ click pic to enlarge ]

So here's the timeline for the Russian bullshit over the past couple of days:

On 4 March 2018 . . . Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his 33-year-old daughter Yulia, who was visiting from Moscow, were found unconscious (in a catatonic state on a public bench near a shopping centre in Salisbury by a passing doctor and nurse. Paramedics took them to Salisbury District Hospital where medical staff determined that the pair had been poisoned with a nerve agent. The police declared a major incident as multiple agencies were involved. Following the incident, health authorities checked 21 members of the emergency services and the public for symptoms; three police officers were hospitalized – two had minor injuries, while one, Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey, who had been sent to Sergei Skripal's house, was in a serious condition.  As of 13 March 2018 Skripal and his daughter remain critically ill, and Bailey is seriously ill but stable.

On 6 March 2018 . . . the British government determines under the National Counter Terrorism Policing Network that the Counter Terrorism Command based within the Metropolitan Police would take over the investigation from Wiltshire Police.

On 12 March 2018 - busy day . . . Prime Minister Theresa May issued a statement identifying the nerve agent used in the attack as a Russian-made Novichok agent and demanded an explanation from the Russian government. Shortly after May's statement - Trump's secretary of state Rex Tillerson issues a statement supporting the UK's position that the Russians were definitely behind the nerve agent attack.

On 13 March 2018 - today - another very busy day . . . The Russians respond to the UK and tell them, with a smug Russkie smirk, to pretty much go pound sand with their talk of "punitive" measures against Russia.  Donald Trump, without notice or fanfare, fires his secretary of state Rex Tillerson via Twitter.

Sigh . . .

So what is it that The Gadfly feels is missing from that timeline dear readers?

What's missing is the story of how after the leader of our ally, the UK, issues a statement that yes, the British government is confirming their belief that the weaponized nerve agent attack on their soil is of Russian or Russian sponsored origin, the American leader, Donald Trump did not immediately hold a nationally televised press conference to assure the American people and the British people that the United States of America will stand by their long time ally's side to confront this menace to world peace, Vladimir Putin, along with his kleptocrat regime of psychopathic mobsters and debauched oligarchs.

Furthermore . . .

Drumpf seems to have plenty of time to be Tweeting all fucking day.  So why can he not take 20-30 minutes out of his "busy" schedule, to stand up in front of the American press and the American people, and talk to us about this very serious situation?  By all available evidence, this looks to be a chemical weapons attack, and one which America's ally - the British government, is treating as international terrorism.  And this attack appears very much so to have been perpetrated by the Russian government.

That is what is missing from the timeline.

It's called leadership people - and no you dumbass Drumpf supporters - not the kind of leadership you would see portrayed on a scripted, "reality" tv show.

And that authentic, innate, naturally gifted leadership is a quality that Donald Trump does not possess in any measurable quantity.

Oh - and lest The Gadfly forget to mention - as for all of this stuff that's occurred in the past few days -- isn't it amazing how all of this shit seems to be working to the benefit of the best interests of Vladimir Putin?  Boy, that ol' Vlad sure is one lucky sonofabitch to be having all of these mushrooming crises just be falling in to his lap like gifts from commie heaven huh?

None of this is normal folks.  None of it.


**UPDATE:  Vlad "The Ripper" may have struck again:
A Russian exile who was close friends with the late oligarch Boris Berezovsky has been found dead in his London home, according to friends.

Nikolai Glushkov, 68, was discovered by his family and friends late on Monday night. The cause of death is not yet clear. One of his friends, the newspaper editor Damian Kudryavtsev, posted the news on his Facebook page.

Without confirming the man’s name, the Metropolitan police said the counter-terrorism command unit was leading the investigation into the death “as a precaution because of associations that the man is believed to have had”.

The Gadfly wonders if there are any American names on Vlad's hit list?

It's not a matter of "if" it can happen here.  It's a matter of "when."


Monday, March 12, 2018

Just Whose Side Is This POTUS On? . . . . It's Long Past Time To Find Out

  [ click pic to enlarge ]

The Russian government has perpetrated a chemical attack on an American ally's homeland:

The type of nerve agent used to poison a former Russian spy and his daughter in the U.K. was developed in a top-secret laboratory in Moscow and was once a closely held secret of the Russian government.

Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, were found slumped on a bench in the city of Salisbury on March 4. Experts quickly assessed that Skripal — a former Russian intelligence official accused of spying for the British — had been poisoned with a nerve agent.

On Monday, British Prime Minister Theresa May named the agent in a speech before Parliament.

"It is now clear that Mr. Skripal and his daughter were poisoned with a military-grade nerve agent of a type developed by Russia," she said.
"This is part of a group of nerve agents known as Novichok."

Novichok agents are extremely rare.

"As far as I know, I don't know anybody who knows how to make it except these guys in Russia," says Dan Kaszeta, a chemical weapons expert with Strongpoint Security in London. "They've been a deep, dark secret."

Why isn't the leader of this country, on national television right fucking now expressing support for the United Kingdom and their people and sovereignty?   That is where he should fucking be right this moment, talking to the American people, and affirming to us that the United States of America will stand by the UK government, and the UK people, against this insidious Russian aggression.

Trump and his administration's response so far to the UK announcement pretty much amounts to, sorry it happened friend - sucks to be you.

And not one single peep from Trump himself condemning the Russians - added to his still standing refusal to implement congressional approved sanctions against Putin's regime, and you have something that is looking very wrong here folks.

The Gadfly is not by any means a conspiracy theorist, but this Russian coddling shit by this nation's current ruling government is beginning to become a bit too unsettling for The Gadfly's taste, and honestly, The Gadfly is imagining the worst case scenario coming out of this insanity at this point, but is hoping for something slightly less than worst, at best.

And also today - the GOP House Intelligence Committee, headed by that little midnight lurking, bug-eyed gnome Devin Nunes, has announced, suddenly and unilaterally, that they are shutting down the House investigation of Drumpf, and issuing a final report exonerating Drumpf of collusion with Russia to ratfuck the 2016 election.

Just another coinky-dink huh?

Like The Gadfly said - he's not partial to conspiracy stuff, but there is a whole lot of very bizarre, very suspicious and very overt, mutual backscratching going on between Drumpf, a faction of right wing GOP'ers in the House and frankly -- Vladimir Putin.

The bottom of it all needs to be gotten to promptly - sooner rather than later.


Sunday, March 11, 2018

What, Or Who, Will Stop Him From Doing It Here? . . . . Donald Trump?....Muahahahaha!

[ click pic to enlarge ]

This is pretty fucking scary folks:

SALISBURY, England (Reuters) - Hundreds of people who visited the Zizzi restaurant or the Mill pub in the English city of Salisbury were told on Sunday to wash their clothes after traces of nerve agent used to attack a former Russian spy last week were found at both sites.

It's beginning to look more and more like Drumpf's BFF Putin may have perpetrated a chemical warfare attack on the homeland of America's staunchest European ally, the UK.  This is not good.

The Brits haven't made a formal announcement of who(m) they believe the perpetrator is, but Russia has already killed one former spy on their territory -- using radioactive polonium-210 (Alexander Litvinenko).  This is not new territory for them.

The Gadfly would postulate, that it is more than fair to insinuate that Putin and his regime are the prime suspects in this deja vu case.

More critically though - it should be real interesting to see how Drumpf responds when Teresa May's government confirms Britain's belief that the chemical attack was orchestrated by the Russians and Donnie's mentor.

Yep - should be real interesting indeed.


Friday, March 9, 2018

Hopelessly Tangled Up In The Compounded Mayhem Of Their Own Lies . . . .

The best and the brightest huh? . . . . oy . . . .

Michael Cohen, personal attorney for President Donald Trump, used his Trump Organization email to arrange to have money transferred to former adult film actress Stephanie Clifford, NBC News reported on Friday.

A source familiar with the negotiations said Cohen used the Trump-affiliated email address to arrange the 2016 transfer of $130,000 to Clifford, who goes by the stage name Stormy Daniels. The lawyer used the same email in other negotiations with Clifford, who signed a nondisclosure agreement not to speak publicly about an alleged 2006 affair she had with Trump.

In those email communications, Clifford’s then-attorney, Keith Davidson, referred to Cohen as “Special Counsel to Donald J. Trump” and addressed correspondence to him in his capacity at the Trump Organization, a source familiar with the discussions told NBC News.

The report could undermine Cohen’s efforts to take Trump out of the discourse surrounding Clifford and the 2016 payout.

Every ounce of human misery that Drumpf and his asshole friends have coming to them could not possibly be more deserved.

And the same goes for his dumb-ass supporters who were repeatedly warned not to, and begged not to vote for this train-wreck of an individual and his dumpster fire of a candidacy.  Idiots.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

We're Going To Need A Bigger Popcorn Maker....

Oh dear . . . .

Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels), who claims she had an affair with Donald Trump, is now suing the president.
According to a lawsuit Clifford filed in Los Angeles on Tuesday, a copy of which was obtained by NBC News, Trump didn’t sign a nondisclosure agreement with the former adult film star, which blocked her from disclosing their 2006 relationship. According to the suit, Clifford and Trump’s lawyer signed the document, but Trump did not, allegedly making the agreement invalid.

Remember dear readers.  It didn't have to be this way.


There's No Official Policy On Whether Democracy Is Worth Keeping . . . . Just So You Know...

 [ click pic to enlarge ]

The Gadfly will not tire of pointing out this odd, Russia coddling behavior on behalf of Trump and his administration:

The New York Times reported this week that the State Department has spent none of the $120 million that has been allocated to fight against foreign interference in elections.

Coats later admitted under questioning from Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) that "we don't" have an official government policy on Russian election interference.


"No official policy?"  NO OFFICIAL POLICY??  Why the fuck not?  Why?  Why?  Why not?

Let's review something very critical to this unbelievable conversation shall we dear readers.

The Presidential Oath of Office:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

The undermining of this nation's foundation for it's democracy - one man, one vote - is a full frontal, premeditated attack on the Constitution of the United States of America.

Where in fuck's name is our Constitution's protector?   Where?

Donald J. Trump has not taken one single counter action against Russia for it's attacks on America's core institution.  Nor has Trump spoken one bad word about the tyrannical Russian leader Vladimir Putin for these attacks.  Trump has also failed to implement sanctions, approved overwhelmingly by a bipartisan congress against Russia for their meddling.  And lastly, most tellingly, Trump is openly attacking the American intelligence and law enforcement agencies because they are looking in to the Russian's ratfucking of an American presidential election.

How much more proof is needed that there is something terribly, awfully, frighteningly wrong with this picture dear readers?  How much more?



How much? . . . . . .

. . . . . . How deep?


Monday, March 5, 2018

When It Rains Shit, It Pours Shit . . .

This brought a tear to the old Gadfly's eye . . . .

(PANAMA CITY) — Trump hotel executives were ousted from their offices in Panama’s Trump Hotel on Monday, as Panamanian officials stepped in to resolve a 12-day standoff between Trump’s company and the property’s owners. Trump’s security guards also left the property, and crews immediately began stripping Trump’s name from the building.

It's the redeeming metaphor for the coming denouement.

And somebody needs to get this maintenance worker's contact information.  We're going to need him to chisel the name of Trump off of every public plaque, wall and historical marker in the country by the time all of this sordid shit is done and over with.


Thursday, March 1, 2018

Are We Making America Great Again - Yet? . . . The Gadfly's Magic 8-Ball Says Nyet . . .

Haha!  Oh man - Vladimir Putin don't fuck around now, do he?:

Vladimir Putin Releases Video Simulation Of Russian Missiles Striking Florida

Russia flexed its muscles Thursday when it unveiled new “invincible” nuclear weapons. President Vladimir Putin drove home the point by playing a video that appeared to show those missiles, which he said could hit almost anywhere in the world, striking Florida.

“With the new system, there is no limitation,” Putin said during his annual address to Russia’s Federal Assembly. “As you can see from this video, it can attack any target through the North Pole or via the South Pole. No missile defense system will be able to withstand it.”

The video simulation showed multiple nuclear missiles traveling across the globe and through space before showering down on southern Florida, where President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort happens to be.

This is the equivalent of Vladimir Putin, pulling his fully erect, bear-sized dick out of his nicely creased, KGB-issue slacks, and whapping Donald Trump across his face with it.

Drumpf's summer White House is in Florida.  Putin knows it.  He purposely coupled that Russian nukes hitting Florida video, with the announcement today of supposedly new weapons technology that would allow Russian missiles to avoid all detection efforts, and also claimed that they now have drone submarines that can be nuclear armed and strike an enemy coast from the sea with stealth.  It's Putin's way of twisting the shiv that he's got jabbed in to Drumpf's gizzard, and letting Drumpf, and by proxy America know, exactly who is winning and in charge.

And not one single word in response from the American President to that hard slab of Russian manhood that just left a red welt on his pudgy orange face.

Stone cold silence.