Thursday, January 28, 2016

What's Frightening -- He is Probably Right . . . .

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Good lord . . .

Donald Trump suggested he could shoot someone in a crowded area and still keep voters, speaking at a rally in Iowa Saturday.
Multiple reporters, including ones from CNN and CBS, quickly picked up Trump's remarks. 
"I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue, shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters," Trump said. 
The Trump campaign could not immediately be reached for comment.The specter of violence at a Trump rally is hardly new.
At a November rally in Alabama, at least six white attendees punched and kicked a black protester, CNN reported. 
Less than a month later, at a rally in Las Vegas, multiple protesters were escorted from the audience as a cacophony of Trump supporters shouted out phrases including "He's a Muslim," "Sieg heil" and "Light the motherfucker on fire," according to NBC News.

There is word which describes people who would continue to support someone who nonchalantly fantasizes about committing cold blooded murder, or attempted murder in a public venue.

They are commonly, and clinically, referred to as . . .

  1. a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

Trump supporters most certainly are sociopaths - there is no other logical explanation to account for the type of humans who would support a bigoted, hateful, misogynist, bloodthirsty, smug and preening narcissist like The Great Donald and not think twice about it.

Should the orange haired simian some how defy the odds, and the wishes of the GOP establishment to win the Republican nomination, hopefully the sane among us will show up in force in the general election and send him, the GOP and the modern day conservative movement straight in to the dust bin of American politics  -- which is exactly where they all rightly belong at this point in our history.

The key word in that statement, notably, is "hopefully" . . . if you catch The Gadfly's drift . . .


Saturday, January 23, 2016

An Intellectual Match Made in Madonna's (Or Somebody's) Hell . . .

Speaking of Mama Grizzly --- if you saw that Trump endorsement speech of hers, and you are still of the view that Sarah Palin is worthy of being a heartbeat away from controlling the world's foremost superpower country and it's nuclear arsenal --- please --- get help now --- you are delusional and life is too short to allow your mental faculties to rot away to the point of your being a walking, intellectual vacuum.

Thankfully, we have the inimitable Stephen Colbert to help us translate Caribou Barbie's funky word salad, Trump worshiping inanity:

Honestly -- what the fuck kind of brain eating disease has infected The Gadfly's fellow Americans who are buying in to this surreal nightmare?

Jeebus help us all if they succeed.


An Orangutan and a Mama Grizzly Walk in to a Bar .......

Ok .... let's get a bit caught up a bit shall we?

First on The Gadfly's agenda:

Former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for president while in Iowa on Tuesday.
"You are ready to make America great again!" she told a beaming Trump.
Palin rallied supporters, telling them that he would "kick ISIS' ass" and not "apologize" for America.
"He's going rogue left and right," she said. "That's why he's doing so well."

The first thought that crossed The Gadfly's mind was --- political kiss of death --- because it worked out so well for John McCain when he hooked up with the Wasilla Snowbillie -- dontcha know??

And The Gadfly just knows that when The Great Donald talks about a "position" for Sarah Palin in his administration, this vision seen here below just simply cannot be erased from The Gadfly's dirty old liberal hippie mind as to what Trump very possibly might be thinking:

Nonetheless - one truly has to marvel at The Great Donald's stratospheric level of arrogance.  He's not only thumbing his nose at the old school GOP establishment, he's now even co-opting some of the Tea Party "stars" who helped give control of Congress to the GOP to begin with.

The whole, sad spectacle is fascinating to watch on one level, in the sense that it's fascinating to slow down and look at a multi-car, burning wreck on the freeway as you pass it.  Yet on another level, it's frightening, because these people are deadly serious about hijacking our democracy and implementing their fascist, oligarch coddling agenda, and they have no qualms about using the blasphemous, intellectually challenged orangutan Trump as their method of achieving that goal.

Wake up people.  Pay attention.  Don't become the 21st century's version of 1930's bourgeois Germany.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Doesn't Hurt To Say What's On One's Mind..........

Some in the media are beginning to come down off of the Donald The Great heroin-like high . . .

WASHINGTON -- In his State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday night, President Barack Obama never mentioned Donald Trump.
But the president’s speech, stressing optimism, tolerance and good will, was from beginning to end a dismissal and rebuttal to everything the billionaire real estate bigot is and says.
Trump, no one should ever forget, has called millions of immigrants from Mexico drug dealers and rapists, and has proposed an immediate and indefinite ban on immigration to this country of all Muslims seeking to enter from other countries.
He has said that the “the American dream is dead;” that Obama’s actions -- or lack of action -- created ISIS; that the entire decision-making process of Washington is corrupt and useless; that the American economy (the strongest in the world) is a hopeless shambles; and that only he -- by virtue of his alleged brilliance and leadership skills -- can, singlehandedly, bring America back to life.
Oh, and he vows to build a wall from Southern California to East Texas, and kick 11 million undocumented workers out of the country, and create a special force to handle the evictions, and to let people back in one by one, presumably on his say-so, by rules he would write himself.
The depth of accumulated unreality and even insanity represented by these stands have propelled Trump into the lead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.
Two other GOP candidates are rising to challenge him, primarily by parroting Trump and Trumpism to the extent that they can. Indeed, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida appear to be, at least at this moment, the only two challengers capable of stopping Trump -- and they are, in many ways, as hair-raising as he is.

The Gadfly highlighted just one observation in that article ..... "The depth of accumulated unreality and even insanity" . . . because those eight words are the sum total of what is going on in the Republican party these days.

Accumulated unreality and insanity.

He's going to build a 'yooooge' wall along the Mexico border, 1,989 miles long, impenetrable, and with a 'yooooge', golden door in the middle to let the "good" beaners back in!

He's going to wipe out ISIS in single weekend -- all by his self (with the help of a few planet & humanity killing nuclear bombs)!

He's going to kick Iran's ass and Russia's ass and Libya's ass and . . . . oh fuck it ... he's going to do what Hitler dreamed of -- be world ruler!

He's going to bring together the Democrats and Republicans to be one big patriotic Donald family!

He's going to give a shit about the American working class (no really -- if you believe this one -- please go stick your stupid head in the nearest toilet and flush it now).

He's a fucking spoon in the mouth billionaire you fucking morons!!!!! You think he REALLY gives a shit about you???   If so ... fine.  Delude yourselves.  But when you elect that fucking narcissistic baboon and he totally fucks up the world you live in ..... DON'T FUCKING BLAME THE GADFLY!!!!


Monday, January 11, 2016

Neanderthals In The Mist . . . .

The Gadfly has been putting forth a Herculean effort to avoid opining about Donald The Conqueror here on the pages of his shitty little blog lately and it shows with the dearth of postings.

But something is bothering The Gadfly - and it is the people who are buying in to Donald The Conqueror's nativist horse shit.

These people truly are the ugly Americans - observe:

The one tv host's analogy to Planet of The Apes scene is spot on -- although The Gadfly was thinking more along the lines of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey ape scene:

Nonetheless - there's something about Trump that brings out the inner ape-like Neanderthal in his supporters - and watching how they behave at his rallies sends a chill down The Gadfly's spine - only because The Gadfly has seen much newsreel footage of Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler political gatherings of pre WWII Europe and these unfathomably stupid assholes mimic the same mindless traits of the morons of that bygone era.

The Gadfly is disgusted that he has to share the the mantle of American citizenship with these gutless, brain-dead boors -- but it is what it is.  The quicker we stand up to these knuckle draggers and marginalize their 1930's views, the quicker this country can move forward in to the 21st century as the world's greatest democracy.


Saturday, January 2, 2016

How Do You Tell A Smart Woman to STFU? .......

Lol.   ---- no... BIG LOL!

The Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina courted controversy on Friday, with a tweet which expressed support for the Iowa Hawkeyes against the Stanford Cardinals in that day’s Rose Bowl.
“Love my alma mater,” said the former Hewlett-Packard chief executive, who graduated from Stanford in 1976, “but rooting for a Hawkeyes win today. #RoseBowl.”
Amidst a vituperative reaction on social media – sample reactions included “Hahaha WTF, you always cheer for your alma mater” and “This is the kind of thinking that contributed to your disastrous reign at HP” – many respondents pointed to Fiorina’s lowly position in polls of the Republican field in Iowa, a key battleground state.

Wow!... there's political pandering then there's Michael Jackson style political pandering.

And of course -- her curse: - no doubt Iowa fans are burning their Carly for President signs as we speak.

But what can you expect from the only Republican woman in the crowd who to this day swears she saw video of a writhing, semi-live fetus on a medical table with Planned Parenthood people in the background negotiating sales of the "body parts" of said fetus?

She and Benny "the blade" Carson ought to meet up and share wingnut delusions together.

Jeebus --- How can anyone view this awful woman --- failed CEO, pathological liar and just all around thunderous putz as presidential material?

The Gadfly truly waits for the day that the conservatives come to their goddamn senses.

Carly "Baby Parts" Fiorina?
Ben "Blade" Carson
Ted "Green Eggs & Ham" Cruz
Marco .... "mmm" .... Rubio
Donald "You're Fired!" Trump ....

That's your field conservatives ..... a bunch of clowns who like to embellish their life experiences and a truly self absorbed fascist who fancies himself this .......

[ King Donald - Dickus Erectus MMXVI ]

And The Gadfly shall now shut up now because it affects his blood pressure to talk about these idiots.

But is The Gadfly done?  Hardly fucking think so ...


Contrary To Fox News Reports -- The Gadfly is Alive and Well -- And as Ornery as Ever....

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The Gadfly has purposefully been avoiding the pages of this shitty little blog the past several weeks and for reasons which to some might be obvious.  For you see dear readers, The Gadfly has resignedly come to the conclusion that attempting to convince people of a certain, obviously distressed mindset, that Donald Trump, as President, is to their best economic interests as Jeffrey Dahmer was to certain young fellows that he came in contact with, is a colossally futile endeavor.

Rolling Stone Magazine journalist Matt Taibbi delves a bit deeper in to the bizarre Donald for President phenomenon in an article in this month's online issue.  One paragraph really stuck out for The Gadfly, because it truly does encapsulate what The Donald phenomenon is really all about to people -- most especially to The Donald himself:

The ancient report that he used to keep a book of Hitler's speeches by his bedside notwithstanding, it's very likely that Donald Trump never in his life thought seriously about things like nativism, fascism, eugenics, or any kind of ideology at all. This was not someone who likely ever dreamed of cattle cars and rivers of blood. Trump is a narcissist, not a demagogue; his pathology is himself, not politics.

Ka-Ching!  "Trump is a narcissist, not a demagogue; his pathology is himself, not politics."  That's the money quote.

The Gadfly is unflinchingly convinced that Donald Trump is an arrogant, cynical, manipulative, dishonest and generally loathsome human being -- but he's not universally stupid - particularly when it comes to the task of feeding his own ego by seeing his own name constantly in the media limelight.  Donald Trump is in the business of selling -- Donald Trump.  Fuck his hotels and his resorts and his other real estate monkey shines.  Nobody gives a shit about any of that.  The simple, lucid reality is that The Donald, the arrogant, unrepentant hater of 'Messicans' and 'Mooslims' and lady's body parts and generally anyone who's not on the same economic plane as his silver-spoon-in-mouth, rich daddy inherited wealth, gives a rat's patoot only about his own image and his own destiny and be damned the rest of the filthy, unwashed masses.

As far as The Gadfly is concerned, if you are one of the non-thinking suckers who is buying in to Donald Trump's cruel, selfish and totally un-American hoax -- shame on you -- shame the fuck on you.  Grow up and start thinking about not just the world of your own little tomorrow, but this nation's and it's entire people's future.

Go read Taibbi's article.  Inform yourself.