Saturday, January 2, 2016

Contrary To Fox News Reports -- The Gadfly is Alive and Well -- And as Ornery as Ever....

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The Gadfly has purposefully been avoiding the pages of this shitty little blog the past several weeks and for reasons which to some might be obvious.  For you see dear readers, The Gadfly has resignedly come to the conclusion that attempting to convince people of a certain, obviously distressed mindset, that Donald Trump, as President, is to their best economic interests as Jeffrey Dahmer was to certain young fellows that he came in contact with, is a colossally futile endeavor.

Rolling Stone Magazine journalist Matt Taibbi delves a bit deeper in to the bizarre Donald for President phenomenon in an article in this month's online issue.  One paragraph really stuck out for The Gadfly, because it truly does encapsulate what The Donald phenomenon is really all about to people -- most especially to The Donald himself:

The ancient report that he used to keep a book of Hitler's speeches by his bedside notwithstanding, it's very likely that Donald Trump never in his life thought seriously about things like nativism, fascism, eugenics, or any kind of ideology at all. This was not someone who likely ever dreamed of cattle cars and rivers of blood. Trump is a narcissist, not a demagogue; his pathology is himself, not politics.

Ka-Ching!  "Trump is a narcissist, not a demagogue; his pathology is himself, not politics."  That's the money quote.

The Gadfly is unflinchingly convinced that Donald Trump is an arrogant, cynical, manipulative, dishonest and generally loathsome human being -- but he's not universally stupid - particularly when it comes to the task of feeding his own ego by seeing his own name constantly in the media limelight.  Donald Trump is in the business of selling -- Donald Trump.  Fuck his hotels and his resorts and his other real estate monkey shines.  Nobody gives a shit about any of that.  The simple, lucid reality is that The Donald, the arrogant, unrepentant hater of 'Messicans' and 'Mooslims' and lady's body parts and generally anyone who's not on the same economic plane as his silver-spoon-in-mouth, rich daddy inherited wealth, gives a rat's patoot only about his own image and his own destiny and be damned the rest of the filthy, unwashed masses.

As far as The Gadfly is concerned, if you are one of the non-thinking suckers who is buying in to Donald Trump's cruel, selfish and totally un-American hoax -- shame on you -- shame the fuck on you.  Grow up and start thinking about not just the world of your own little tomorrow, but this nation's and it's entire people's future.

Go read Taibbi's article.  Inform yourself.


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