Monday, January 11, 2016

Neanderthals In The Mist . . . .

The Gadfly has been putting forth a Herculean effort to avoid opining about Donald The Conqueror here on the pages of his shitty little blog lately and it shows with the dearth of postings.

But something is bothering The Gadfly - and it is the people who are buying in to Donald The Conqueror's nativist horse shit.

These people truly are the ugly Americans - observe:

The one tv host's analogy to Planet of The Apes scene is spot on -- although The Gadfly was thinking more along the lines of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey ape scene:

Nonetheless - there's something about Trump that brings out the inner ape-like Neanderthal in his supporters - and watching how they behave at his rallies sends a chill down The Gadfly's spine - only because The Gadfly has seen much newsreel footage of Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler political gatherings of pre WWII Europe and these unfathomably stupid assholes mimic the same mindless traits of the morons of that bygone era.

The Gadfly is disgusted that he has to share the the mantle of American citizenship with these gutless, brain-dead boors -- but it is what it is.  The quicker we stand up to these knuckle draggers and marginalize their 1930's views, the quicker this country can move forward in to the 21st century as the world's greatest democracy.


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