Saturday, January 16, 2016

Doesn't Hurt To Say What's On One's Mind..........

Some in the media are beginning to come down off of the Donald The Great heroin-like high . . .

WASHINGTON -- In his State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday night, President Barack Obama never mentioned Donald Trump.
But the president’s speech, stressing optimism, tolerance and good will, was from beginning to end a dismissal and rebuttal to everything the billionaire real estate bigot is and says.
Trump, no one should ever forget, has called millions of immigrants from Mexico drug dealers and rapists, and has proposed an immediate and indefinite ban on immigration to this country of all Muslims seeking to enter from other countries.
He has said that the “the American dream is dead;” that Obama’s actions -- or lack of action -- created ISIS; that the entire decision-making process of Washington is corrupt and useless; that the American economy (the strongest in the world) is a hopeless shambles; and that only he -- by virtue of his alleged brilliance and leadership skills -- can, singlehandedly, bring America back to life.
Oh, and he vows to build a wall from Southern California to East Texas, and kick 11 million undocumented workers out of the country, and create a special force to handle the evictions, and to let people back in one by one, presumably on his say-so, by rules he would write himself.
The depth of accumulated unreality and even insanity represented by these stands have propelled Trump into the lead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.
Two other GOP candidates are rising to challenge him, primarily by parroting Trump and Trumpism to the extent that they can. Indeed, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida appear to be, at least at this moment, the only two challengers capable of stopping Trump -- and they are, in many ways, as hair-raising as he is.

The Gadfly highlighted just one observation in that article ..... "The depth of accumulated unreality and even insanity" . . . because those eight words are the sum total of what is going on in the Republican party these days.

Accumulated unreality and insanity.

He's going to build a 'yooooge' wall along the Mexico border, 1,989 miles long, impenetrable, and with a 'yooooge', golden door in the middle to let the "good" beaners back in!

He's going to wipe out ISIS in single weekend -- all by his self (with the help of a few planet & humanity killing nuclear bombs)!

He's going to kick Iran's ass and Russia's ass and Libya's ass and . . . . oh fuck it ... he's going to do what Hitler dreamed of -- be world ruler!

He's going to bring together the Democrats and Republicans to be one big patriotic Donald family!

He's going to give a shit about the American working class (no really -- if you believe this one -- please go stick your stupid head in the nearest toilet and flush it now).

He's a fucking spoon in the mouth billionaire you fucking morons!!!!! You think he REALLY gives a shit about you???   If so ... fine.  Delude yourselves.  But when you elect that fucking narcissistic baboon and he totally fucks up the world you live in ..... DON'T FUCKING BLAME THE GADFLY!!!!


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