Saturday, January 23, 2016

An Intellectual Match Made in Madonna's (Or Somebody's) Hell . . .

Speaking of Mama Grizzly --- if you saw that Trump endorsement speech of hers, and you are still of the view that Sarah Palin is worthy of being a heartbeat away from controlling the world's foremost superpower country and it's nuclear arsenal --- please --- get help now --- you are delusional and life is too short to allow your mental faculties to rot away to the point of your being a walking, intellectual vacuum.

Thankfully, we have the inimitable Stephen Colbert to help us translate Caribou Barbie's funky word salad, Trump worshiping inanity:

Honestly -- what the fuck kind of brain eating disease has infected The Gadfly's fellow Americans who are buying in to this surreal nightmare?

Jeebus help us all if they succeed.


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