Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Path to Change Begins With Your Individual Decision to Make a Difference....

Oh dear . . .

Voter registration jumped 30 percent in Ferguson, Missouri between August 9 — the day unarmed teenager Michael Brown was fatally shot by Officer Darren Warren — and September 30. As protests and clashes with police continue, the town’s residents want to see more race representation in their local government in the near future.
Approximately 3,300 citizens in the town of 21,000 registered to vote after Brown’s death, totaling two-thirds of new voters in St. Louis County. Currently, 5 of 6 Ferguson council members are white, but roughly 70 percent of the city’s population is black. And Ferguson’s mayor is white Republican James Knowles.

The Gadfly will wager and guaran-goddamn-tee you dear readers that the only people who are sad about the prospect of more of their (primarily minority) citizens getting involved in the electoral process are the white establishment Republicans who rule the town and the area.

Good for the citizens of Ferguson.  Good on them for recognizing that change begins with getting involved and making your voice and your vote heard and counted.

Will the rest of you take heed of these people's example and do the same???????


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