Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dangerously Crazy People . . . .

On the heels of the Dallas, Texas Ebola case, The Gadfly knew it was coming . . . . surprised that it took them this long . . .

Right-wing radio talk show host Michael Savage announced yesterday that the Dallas patient diagnosed with Ebola proves his conspiracy theory that President Obama is deliberately bringing in diseases to kill Americans as part of his purported war on white people.
He claimed that a treasonous Obama “wants to infect the nation with Ebola,” warning that the president decided to send U.S. service members to West Africa in hopes that one of the soldiers would contract Ebola and bring it back home.

That dastardly, evil, communist, terrorist appeasing Kenyan bastard!!!

Sigh . . . The Gadfly is convinced that if the right wingers in America get any stupider, the word stupid is going to spontaneously combust and a brand new word will have to be invented to describe their seriously delusional fucking stupidity.

The inimitable Charles Pierce was oh so goddamn right when he wrote this yesterday in regards to the "other" disease - the one that is inflicting America from within and which appears to be nearing pandemic proportions all on it's own - and one that has much more potential to destroy the fabric of our society than Ebola ever possibly could:

This reminds me of the early days of the AIDS epidemic, when undertakers refused to bury the dead, and emergency workers were afraid to treat people after automobile accidents and commonplace domestic catastrophes. Which is to say this isn't surprising at all. One of the other things that marked the early days of the AIDS epidemic was the truly wicked role played by various satraps of the Christian Right and by the nascent conservative media bubble machine. There was talk of God's vengeance upon gay people, and more talk of curses than we'd heard in this country since the Mather family closed up shop in Massachusetts Bay. Then, of course, transfusion patients and hemophiliacs began to die, and the gay community rallied itself heroically, and the disease finally got itself treated as a disease, and not some creature out of the subtext of Leviticus. This is where the historical parallel ends. Unfortunately.
What we had in the AIDS epidemic was political opportunism married to what became obvious ignorance. What we are seeing now, promulgated by a conservative bubble machine that has built a self-sustaining universe around itself, is political opportunism married to an active campaign of disinformation. This is a terrible thing. The people making a profit out of it are people who are too lazy to mug old ladies or swindle the blind. The people making a profit out of it are people without consciences, people who are as free of patriotism as they are free of the inconveniences of having a soul. These are dangerous people, and it's far past time for the honorable people in my profession to stop treating them like the worthless hacks they are. They are no longer cute. They are no longer funny. They are no longer the respectable "other side" of some fanciful imaginary political debate. They are dangerous propagandists. They are peddling poisonous lies and putting people's lives at risk. Every journalist who treats them as anything else, and every politician who treats them as anything else, are actively abetting evil.
Take, for example, Laura Ingraham, who cashes a very nice check from ABC News in addition to her day job as a radio flamethrower. Ingraham has begun to traffic in "alternative" theories about Ebola, treating a virus as though it were another vote to suppress or immigrant to bash, and lending her microphone to fringe nitwits because panic is profitable, and because almost everything, even a rare disease, is worth throwing at a president you don't like.

Wake up fellow citizens.  These people are not thinking of the best interests of this country and ALL of it's people. They are narrow-minded, tribal partisans who give way more of a shit about their ideology than they do about the long-term prospects for America's future.

The sooner more people wake up and realize that reality, the sooner we can get on with the business of marginalizing them and letting the real adults deal with this nation's critical issues.


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