Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hey! We All Gots To Make Da' Money . . . Right? . . .

Here's the lowdown on The Gadfly and his shitty little blog dear readers.

The Gadfly actually does have a pretty normal, generic, subterranean American working life outside the pages of this venue.

Fortunately, The Gadfly, in addition to his personal business work, has also latched onto another modest opportunity to help him put some dough away for him and Mrs. Gadfly in their retirement (providing the GOP doesn't destroy SS).  But to get to the point -- The Gadfly is going to maintain this blog until the day he fucking croaks, or the day ISIS beheads him or the day the Tea Party controls all three branches of American government -- in which case, The Gadfly would gladly behead himself.

Nonetheless -- because of the busy life The Gadfly leads, just get used to expecting spurts of posting activity, usually on the weekends, occasionally during the week if The Gadfly gets a wild hair up his fat ass .... for the forseeable future anyway ....

That's all.


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