Monday, October 13, 2014

Soshulizm .....Ain't it a Gas? . . . .

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Gee -- what a shocker .... a long oppressed populace puts a President back in to power who actually kept his promises to help the working poor of his nation by telling the oligarchs to go fuck themselves when they kept asking for more and more for themselves ... Would America be so lucky ......

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — Evo Morales easily won an unprecedented third term as Bolivia's president Sunday on the strength of the economic and political stability the coca growers' union leader has brought to the South American country.
Morales, a native Aymara from Bolivia's poor, wind-swept Andean plateau, received 60 percent of the vote against 25 percent for cement magnate Samuel Doria Medina, the top vote-getter among four challengers, according to a quick count of 97 percent of the voting stations by the Ipsos firm for ATB television.
While known internationally for his anti-imperialist and socialist rhetoric, the 55-year-old coca growers' union leader is widely popular at home for a pragmatic economic stewardship that spread Bolivia's natural gas and mineral wealth among the masses.
A boom in commodities prices increased export revenues nine-fold and the country has accumulated $15.5 billion in international reserves. Economic growth has averaged 5 percent annually, well above the regional average. A half a million people have put poverty behind them since Bolivia's first indigenous president first took office in 2006.

Morales isn't the Fidel Castro communist that your oligarch owned media would like you to believe.  What he has done basically is evened the playing field, just a wee bit, and just enough to make the elitist pricks scream like the arrogant and self-entitled fucking weasels that they are.

He's ok in The Gadfly's opinion.  Obama could learn a thing or two from the man.


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