Sunday, October 12, 2014

**UPDATE**: Where's TMZ When You Really Need Them? . . .

Here's the follow up story on the drunken Palin family brawl from a few weeks ago, including official police reports:

When police arrived on scene, tensions were still high. Officer Benjamin Nelson arrived at the home to find Sarah and Todd Palin arguing with others. At another point, Todd, Track and Willow Palin, another Palin daughter, confronted homeowner Klingenmeyer in his driveway, and police had to separate the parties, officers John Daily and Ruth Adolf wrote.
Officer Justin Blake described arriving to find a group of people heading toward a long, white limousine parked in the street. Blake noted a strong smell of alcohol coming from the group. Track Palin, shirtless and bloodied, was being led into the limousine by several others, who appeared “intent on keeping him away from me,” the officer wrote..........
........Daily described Bristol Palin as “heavily intoxicated and upset.” She told Daily that Klingenmeyer had pushed her to the ground and dragged her across the lawn after she had attempted to confront a woman about hitting her younger sister, Willow. Bristol said she was beginning to leave when she saw her brother attacked. She told Daily she “didn’t have any clue” whether she hit Klingenmeyer or not.
Klingenmeyer told Daily he was “angry that the Palins had showed up and were causing the problems,” and that he was considering filing charges but he later told another officer that he had changed his mind.

The Obama family are, by their public behavior and their accomplishments, model Americans, but because their skin color is black and their politics aren't cruel, stupid and insane enough, conservatives are abhorred by their presence in the White House.

But the half-wit quitter Sarah Palin and her booze-hound, snowbilly clan??  They're considered model citizens and worthy of being America's face of leadership to the rest of the world. . . . . huh?

It is The Gadfly's consummate view that America not only dodged a bullet when they turned away McCain and Mama Grizzly from control of the White House ---- they dodged a goddamn Hellfire missile.


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