Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Well - At Least It Wasn't The Cover of The Rolling Stone . . .

Jeebus --- what a sad, pathetic, insecure little man-child:

The framed copy of Time magazine was hung up in at least five of President Trump’s clubs, from South Florida to Scotland. Filling the entire cover was a photo of Donald Trump.
“Donald Trump: The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash!” the big headline said. Above the Time nameplate, there was another headline in all caps: “TRUMP IS HITTING ON ALL FRONTS . . . EVEN TV!”
This cover — dated March 1, 2009 — looks like an impressive memento from Trump’s pre-presidential career. To club members eating lunch, or golfers waiting for a pro-shop purchase, it seemed to be a signal that Trump had always been a man who mattered. Even when he was just a reality TV star, Trump was the kind of star who got a cover story in Time.
But that wasn’t true.
The Time cover is a fake.
There was no March 1, 2009, issue of Time magazine. And there was no issue at all in 2009 that had Trump on the cover.
In fact, the cover on display at Trump’s clubs, observed recently by a reporter visiting one of the properties, contains several small but telling mistakes. Its red border is skinnier than that of a genuine Time cover, and, unlike the real thing, there is no thin white border next to the red. The Trump cover’s secondary headlines are stacked on the right side — on a real Time cover, they would go across the top.
And it has two exclamation points. Time headlines don’t yell.
“I can confirm that this is not a real TIME cover,” Kerri Chyka, a spokeswoman for Time Inc., wrote in an email to The Washington Post.

So in his hoity toity golf clubs, Drumpf puts up big glossy, professionally framed pictures, supposedly of the March 1, 2009 issue, of his self posing majestically like an English Lord on the front cover of the iconic Time Magazine.  Except they're phonier than his burnt orange hairpiece.

Here are the actual and fake Time covers from the month/year in question:

[ click on pic to enlarge ]

Who does that?  Is he really that comically immature and insecure?  Jesus fucking christ.

The Gadfly will ask the obvious question for the umpteenth time -- how much more of a synthetic con-artist does Drumpf need to show himself to be before his brain-dead followers catch on to the flimflam and to the fact that they are the marks in his real-life consequences con game?

What makes this all the more surreal is the fact that Drumpf daily harps incessantly about the "fake news" which he has labeled as such simply by virtue of the fact that the media is simply reporting the truth as it relates to his very own words and actions.

And let's not forget, this is not the first time Drumpf has pretended he is something or someone that he is not.  Remember the stories of him doing audio interviews with the media in the 80's and 90's posing as his own spokesperson/PR guy - someone named John Barron or John Miller - and speaking fawningly of himself?  Yeah -- he did it, and then when those interviews surfaced during the 2016 GOP primary campaign, he lied and claimed that it wasn't him yet he was never able to produce either Mr. "Barron" or Mr. "Miller" to corroborate his denials.

Drumpf is an out and out fraud.  He's a charlatan.  He's a quack.  He's a conniver and a trickster and a deceiver.  He also has the codes for America's nuclear arsenal and he's BFFs with the former head of the Russian KGB and current dictator of second largest communist state in the world.

What could possibly go wrong?


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