Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cool, Cool . . . . Feculent... Water . . . .

Just another bilious milestone as America in the age of Drumpf hastens it's march toward third world country status:

The Environmental Protection Agency is set to undo yet another Obama-era environmental regulation after releasing a proposal on Tuesday meant to dismantle a rule protecting rivers and streams from pollution.
The latest target from the notably anti-environmental administration of President Donald Trump is the Clean Water Rule, which in 2015 updated a longstanding act passed during the advent of the EPA to clean up heavily polluted federal waterways. The rule, passed under former President Barack Obama, expanded federal authority to include all “navigable” waters under the jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act. It ultimately protected the drinking water of more than 117 million Americans.
The Clean Water Rule was the result of more than 400 meetings with stakeholders and a review of more than 1 million public comments.

And presto!  Just like that -- the 400 meetings with stakeholders and the input of more than a million Americans about the state of their community's drinking water supplies are disappeared in to the Drumpf/oligarch cornfield.

The Gadfly hopes all you hopeless deplorables who voted for Drumpf are able to factor the cost of bottled drinking water in to your future family budgets -- unless of course it doesn't bother you to be serving yourself and your kids the occasional cocktail sampling of e-coli, lead and toxic chemicals as a refreshing meal-time beverage.


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