Friday, June 30, 2017

*president Mean Girl . . . . Catfighting to Make America Great Again...

At long last - is there no one courageous enough in the vaunted halls of the American political establishment to stand up and point out the plainly obvious --- that the individual currently assigned the mantle of leader of the free world is quite clearly deep in the throes of a serious mental illness?

What kind of leader of decent people does this sort of thing and considers it to be mature, responsible, adult-like behavior?  Observe:

President Donald Trump attacked Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski Thursday morning, insulting Brzezinski’s physical appearance in two unmistakably sexist tweets.

Well -- The Gadfly supposes that we should be grateful that Mika Brzezinski's "bleeding" that Drumpf was referring to wasn't a byproduct of one of her other bodily orifices -- which he has been known to muse about on occasion.

But wow!  That is some exceptionally mean valley girl trolling there dear readers -- and it truly takes a "special" kind of mind & soul to employ it.

So there you have it -- that would be the the current *president of The United States of America, rage tweeting bitchy insults like a snotty little tween girl at 6 am in the morning, which in and of itself is nothing new for this person, but to personalize the insult about a specific woman's physical appearance, and do it so cavalierly and sneeringly, just screams volumes about this person's character and integrity and self control and sensibilities -- or more accurately -- his utter lack of them all.

This is the man (and The Gadfly loathes to describe him as one) whom a sizable portion of the American populace feel is the most very qualified and wisest individual to lead America forward in to the third decade of the 21st century.  This is the man (gaaack! - there's that loathing feeling again) who his supporters are happy to present as a positive, adult role model to their children and grandchildren.

Drumpf's proponents are wholly incapable of acknowledging the blazing truth and reality which exists right in front of their foolish faces -- namely that their chosen leader is an immature, foul-mouthed, narcissistic, serial lying, incompetent buffoon and charlatan who is more at home living his public and professional life on the gossip pages of The National Enquirer, than he is living it in the halls of great statesmen and world leaders of humanity's history.

Drumpf's level of infantile braggodocio and psychopathic behavior indicates that there's a frighteningly serious, psychological problem within him - yet nobody has the fortitude to just out-and-out say so publicly and postulate the obvious -- that he is unfit for the office.

The Gadfly, fortunately, does not suffer from that self-imposed dilemma.

Donald Drumpf is the incarnate amalgamation of Little Johnny jokes and an indelible cartoon character that the The Gadfly fondly remembers from his Saturday cartoon watching youth --- how many of you dear readers remember this charming fellow:

♬♬ He can do anything.  In his world he's a king! ♬♬ "

All amusement aside though dear readers, The Gadfly will ask the question one more time -- what madness has overtaken this country to allow this travesty to pass?  What mass psychosis has inflicted our collective mindset to be of the view that electing a con-artist and worldly clueless imbecile as leader of the free world was a dandy idea?  A society this wantonly injudicious and reckless can't endure.  History says so.

Talk to your Drumpf-supporting family and friends dear readers.  Let them know how you feel about them forcing you to acquiesce to the reality of their misguided, ill-advised decision to vote for this ball-less orangutan with the stunted intellectual growth, thus consigning you and your family's futures and quality-of-life to the whims of . . . . . well -- vulgar Commander McBragg.

Fair warning though -- the expression of your feelings on the matter of their dear leader Drumpf may not be greeted by some of those family and friends with much deference, much less anything resembling a sane defense of their decision-making capabilities.  And The Gadfly is only saying that because, by virtue of how much they enable, idolize and celebrate a man (gaaaa....aackk....aaaackk-gack...pffffffft!) like Drumpf, empathy clearly is not one of their more developed or recognized character attributes.

Happy Independence Day.  Enjoy every moment of that independence while you still have it.


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