Saturday, March 11, 2017

They Sure Do Enjoy Fantasizing About Killing Those Whom They Disagree With . . .

As alluded to in his previous post, this is why The Gadfly feels absolutely no obligation to temper his aggressive and barbed remarks about these modern-day conservatives:

So today, this happened. Daily Caller editor Katie Frates got so upset by the thought that indigenous Americans were protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, she tweeted:
I wonder how many #NativeNationsRise #NoDAPL protesters I could run over before I got arrested #getouttamyway
When she realized how bad this made her look, Frates deleted her tweet. But here’s a screenshot:

These are the kind of amoral monsters have sprung forth from the wingnut primordial ooze and that Drumpf's ascendancy to power has emboldened to let their hateful freak flags fly.  This woman believes, and you know many conservatives of her ilk would enthusiastically condone it, that it is her right to murder or maim other human beings (all the better if minorities) because of the manner in which they have chosen to exercise their constitutional rights to free expression and protest.  God forbid that someone somewhere protesting injustice might slightly disrupt her and her pal's precious travel plans and possibly cause them to miss the opening ceremonies to their local KKK rally.

The Gadfly has long stopped being shocked by the repulsiveness of these right wingers.  The best hope that we all have at this point is that there is a heavy shoe waiting to be dropped on the Drumpf/Russian connections and election hacking sordidness which ultimately culminates in the orange haired shitgibbon being impeached, and subsequently, his lizard brain cult followers being marginalized so far to the fringes of civilized society that they become nothing more than minor nuisances not unlike flies buzzing around any given farm animal's hind quarters.


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