Friday, March 10, 2017

❝Every Man is Guilty of All the Good He Did Not Do❞ ~~~ Voltaire

There have been times dear readers, where The Gadfly experiences an involutary pang of regretful guilt for writing things on the pages of his shitty little blog that harshly savage his fellow conservative Americans - let's revisit an excerpt from yesterday's post shall we?:

❝ But as The Gadfly has been telling you for years on the pages of this shitty little blog dear readers - this is who your modern-day conservative, Teabagging movement is.  Their hatred and their cruelty and their disdain for any segment of humanity unlike themselves is their life force -- and by god they are dead set determined to ensure that American society becomes the dystopian, third world hellscape of their fevered, right wing dreams.  And now that they have been emboldened by having their chosen emperor triumphantly ascend to the crown, their lust to inflict as much suffering and misery on as many people as they possibly can in the name of their warped views of what constitute liberty and freedom is officially run amok.
~~~ The Frolicking Gadfly

Admittedly -- ouch!

Thankfully for The Gadfly those pangs of  remorse are not frequent occurrences for inevitably those very same conservatives always manage to find excruciatingly ugly new ways to thoroughly validate The Gadfly's authored onslaughts.

To whit:

Imprison Hillary.  Check - ✔

Hate Mexicans, Muslims and Jews.  Check - ✔

America is a theocracy, not a democracy.  Check - ✔

Round up, imprison and/or kill anyone with liberal views.  Check - ✔

The saddest part of that video wasn't the lock Hillary up chants or the open bigotry or the bald-faced contempt for democracy -- nor even the call for genocide of liberals -- it was the 13 year old kid who commenting upon a Jewish counter protester stated, "if she is Jewish, she should go back to her country."  It takes a fundamentally sick adult mind to imbue a 13 year old kid with those kinds of hateful views. That is prima facie evidence that the right is working diligently at ensuring yet another generation of hateful, closed-minded, bitter segregationists and fascists.  But that kind of indoctrinating of the young and impressionable is a terrifying feature, not a bug of this modern day conservative movement, which in and of itself allows The Gadfly to find more than sufficient justification for his forceful views on the subject of their fitness to be members in good standing of civilized society.

Moving on to another example that The Gadfly sees as justification for his authored aggression toward the conservative movement - observe:

Texas GOP Pushes New Law That Would Allow Doctors to Lie to Pregnant Women About Fetus’ Health Issues
In yet another unbelievably heartless move by the Republican Party, the Texas Senate is about to vote on a bill that would allow doctors to conceal from women that a child will be born deformed or disabled: Texas ‘wrongful birth’ bill would allow doctors to lie, critics say.

Honestly dear readers -- The Gadfly cannot think of anything more un-Christian, more deceitful, more cruel and inhumane than giving ideologically-minded physicians legal cover to to lie to a pregnant woman about the health of the fetus that she is carrying.  It is an idea borne from the minds and souls of monsters - and The Gadfly will not debate that opinion with anyone for one goddamn nano-second.

The Gadfly doesn't enjoy demonizing these conservatives, he truly wishes we didn't have to go down this road, but history has shown us again, and again, and again that man's inhumanity toward man is like a persistent cancer - if you don't give it a good dose of radiation or chemo now and then, it has the potential to spread rapidly and induce horrific suffering culminating in death.

So to sum up, The Gadfly has once again successfully suppressed whatever fleeting pangs of guilt he had for writing what he did yesterday in that post.  This is a battle for the future of a decent, civilized and inclusive American society and democracy dear readers.  The ends do justify the means in such a momentous battle, therefore, do not expect The Gadfly to tone down his writing style and temperament when it comes to the subject of a certain group of people who appear dead-set on turning this country into the 21st century version of the Third Reich.

The Gadfly would feel a much deeper level of regret and guilt if he were to just stand by meekly and silently and did not speak his mind and his heart on these matters.


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