Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Oh There Will Be Some Locking Up Goin' On ... You Better Believe It . . .

Ahh good times . . . .

Watch the whole sickening 2 minutes and 39 seconds of it please:

This fucking asshole made this speech at a time when he and other Drumpf aides were actively playing footsie with high level Russian intelligence operatives and Kremlin officials.  Also during this time, Drumpf himself was taking every opportunity he could to publicly fluff up his good pal Vladimir Putin while simultaneously denigrating American leaders.

The Gadfly once again asks the question - whose side are these people on?  Because there is a clear choice of loyalties here.  On one side you have America and Americans - and whether you agree or disagree with the politics of whomever might be in charge at any given time, that is irrelevant - this is our country.  On the other side you have the former head of the the Communist KGB who is in effect a dictator and who is known to use the power of his authoritarian state apparatus to rig elections, stifle political dissent, suppress free speech and press freedom and if anyone gets in his way, they find themselves on the end of Trumped-up criminal charges and disappeared in to a gulag cornfield somewhere in Siberia -- or they just mysteriously end up dead.

There is no fucking debate here -- Vladimir Putin and his "government" - if by government you mean paid henchmen, ratfuckers and assassins - is NOT A FRIEND to democracy or the United States of America.

Allow The Gadfly to repeat that.

Vladimir Putin and his "government" - if by government you mean paid henchmen, ratfuckers and assassins - is NOT A FRIEND to democracy or the United States of America.

Get it?  Capiche?

So what are Flynn and his friends then up to having regular, off the record communications with high level Russian intelligence operatives in the run up to this past November's election?  Are they discussing the weather?  Maybe talking about who's going to win the Super Bowl?  Arguing over whether Beyonce or Adele deserved the best album Grammy?  Perhaps they were just trading barbecue recipes?

Context dear readers - context.  Flynn and friends were talking to Russian intelligence people in the midst of an election to decide who ascends to the presidency of the United States of America.  The Gadfly will wager every last fucking iota of his soul that these conversations were not about the weather, or about the Super Bowl, or the Grammy Awards - and most certainly were not about barbecue recipes.

That only leaves the subject of efforts to getting Mr. Drumpf elected to the highest position in the nation as the most likely topic in these talks - and which then begs the blatantly obvious question - who promised who what, and what did Drumpf know and when did he know it.

If you are one of The Gadfly's conservative friends or family members who was chanting in unison with Flynn and Drumpf and their supporters to "lock her (Hillary) up", and yet you are not at all interested in getting to the bottom of the Russian connections deal with Drumpf and his people -- well then The Gadfly has no regrets at all in telling you to your face - you are a fucking phony hypocrite and your claims of your love of country and the integrity of your patriotism aren't worth a paper bag full of warm dog shit and spit.

Having stated that view - you Drumpf defenders can redeem your patriotism -- join with The Gadfly to demand that an independent, bipartisan counsel be appointed, with an unlimited budget and freedom to take the investigation to whatever ends there be.  That is the only way Americans like The Gadfly will be able to feel safe knowing that their leaders have not sold out our democratic republic down the river to a democracy hating, communist dictatorship.


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