Friday, February 17, 2017

Somebody Please Give That Poor Creature a Banana . . .

So The Gadfly sat down with his morning coffee and oatmeal (hey - we geezers have learned to cherish regular bowel movements - ya know), and after popping a Xanax and awaiting it's hypnotic, salving effects to kick in, watched the replay of Drumpf's 77 minute press conference from yesterday.

And if by "press conference" you mean this...

...then that would be a most apt description of the episode (if you fail to grasp the analogy here, The Gadfly will spell it out for you - the caged, angry, shit flinging monkey is Drumpf and the children who are the targets of the shit flinging represent the press - there - get it now?)
The Gadfly quite simply has no words that can do justice to Drumpf's unbridled level of lunacy.  No really - The Gadfly is literally left speechless at the psychotic spectacle of what he viewed.

When even Fox "News" (still not a real news organization) is left shaking their heads and rolling their eyeballs, something seriously, frighteningly and dangerously is amiss.

Thank gawd that the comedians are around to take some of the nightmarish edge off of what we are witnessing from Emperor Palpatrump on a daily basis.  In fact - Stephen Colbert sums up yesterday's grotesque extravaganza quite befittingly:

All of which has The Gadfly defiantly stating once again that this Drumpf experiment will not end well for this country and most Americans.  And once the final curtain closes on this horrendous immorality play, let us be sure to remember who it was that brought this demented scourge upon us all.


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