Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Gadfly's Advice -- Just Follow The Rubles . . . .

And the first of the Drumpf dynasty dominoes falls:

The White House Is Already In Flames
What did the president know and when did he know it? 02/14/2017 05:46 am ET
WASHINGTON ― National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is gone ― that didn’t take long ― but he leaves behind a famous and fateful question: What did the president know and when did he know it?
Donald J. Trump has been president for less than a month, and already the Watergate query is all the capital is talking about, and, as a result, there is a widespread sense of a White House in deep, perhaps cataclysmic, trouble.The list of failures and missteps of the Trump administration is as well known as it is long: a litany of patently obvious lies to the public and the press; mismanagement and vicious infighting; several malodorous Cabinet choices; mixed messages from on high, many of them coming within minutes of each other; leaks that gush like a fire hydrant; national security lapses that would be comical if they were not so risky; and a job approval rating lower at this point than that of any new president in memory.
But all of that is as nothing compared with the conflagration now.Flynn resigned after it became clear that federal investigators and the national media were closing in on his close relationship ― bought and paid for, it appears ― with Vladimir Putin and his henchmen in Moscow.

Sigh . . . . . who could have predicted ? ? ?

And yes goddamn it -- the American people deserve to know what Drumpf knew about Flynn's treason and when did he know it.  Remember -- these are the same fucking people who were leading the chants of "lock her up" over Hillary's manufactured email pseudo-scandal.

And before we allow Drumpf to run to Fox "News" (still not a real news organization) and cry on national tv about how the "fake" news media is being unfair to him and that he has never had any dealings with the communist KGB agent turned Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, just keep this 2013 video that resurfaced recently in mind:

The exact quote when asked directly if he had any form of relationship with Vladimir Putin that would grant him influence with the Russian government, Drumpf responded:

I do have a relationship - and I can tell you he's very interested in what we do here today.  He's probably very interested in what you and I are saying today and I'm sure he's going to be seeing it in some form, but I do have a relationship with him and I think it's, ah, very interesting to see what's happened.  I mean look - he's done a very brilliant job in terms of what he represents and who he's representing.  If you look at what he's done with Syria, if you look at so many of the different things, he has really eaten our President's (Obama's) lunch.  Let's not kid ourselves, he's done an amazing job.  He's put himself, really, as you know, a lot of people would say, that he's put himself at the forefront of the world as a leader in a short period of time.  Putin has done an amazing job of showing certain leadership that our people (Americans) have not been able to match.

That interview was from 2013, before Drumpf had announced his candidacy for the Presidency.

He was practically slobbering on Putin's cock in effusive praise of the murdering thug.

So here is what we know so far:

Call The Gadfly nosy if you must, but The Gadfly really, really wants to know just whose fucking side all of the Drumpf people are really on.  And if Jason Chaffetz and the Republican party refuse to look in to this, which in The Gadfly's view makes them accomplices to the suspected treason, then We The People need to shove their lame asses aside so that we can get to the bottom of this mess ourselves and get the truth out to the American public.

'Nuff fucking said on this sordid matter (for now).


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