Saturday, December 10, 2016

President Dear Comrade? . . .

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Oh dear . . .

US intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia interfered in last month’s presidential election to boost Donald Trump’s bid for the White House, according to reports.
A secret CIA assessment found that Russian operatives covertly interfered in the election campaign in an attempt to ensure the Republican candidate’s victory, the Washington Post reported, citing officials briefed on the matter.
A separate report in the New York Times said intelligence officials had a “high confidence” that Russia was involved in hacking related to the election.

The Gadfly is going to say this once, and only once to his Drumpf supporting friends and family members.  If the sending and receiving of emails on a private server, something which prior GOP high-level government officials have done but never were investigated for, was grounds for Drumpf and his followers to demand Clinton's prosecution and imprisonment, then you also must demand that an investigation begin immediately to determine if the U.S. intelligence community's claims of communist Russia's interference in our electoral process in order to enhance Drumpf's prospects for victory are grounded in any semblance of truth.

While it would be easy and correct to rail against the Russians for meddling with the foundation of our democratic society, our open and free electoral process, that really should come as no surprise considering Russia has always been considered an untrustworthy adversary if not outright enemy to America and our representative democracy.

That be said, The Gadfly lays much of the blame for this sordid state of affairs squarely at the feet of the right wing, Tea Party noodle-heads and other Drumpf acolytes who actually were and still are of the belief that a serial lying, bigoted, narcissistic, amoral, tax-dodging, unethical con-artist swindler like Drumpf, a man who has never done anything for anyone other than his self and the few equally corrupt, billionaire plutocrats that he associates with, was the very best man for the job of leader of the free world and champion of democracy - Fucking Idiots - every one of you - including you Bernie Sanders supporters who's equally irrational hatred of Mrs. Clinton drove you to cast a ballot for the short-fingered, vulgarian plutocrat.

Oh - and lest it be understated - Drumpf's Russian connections are no secret - it's well known for those who bother to do a little research that Drumpf's, and others whom he associates with, financial ties to the Russian oligarchs and by proxy their puppet Putin, are deep and exactly how deep is unknown since Drumpf has steadfastly refused to release any of his tax records. And while The Gadfly continues to maintain a guarded wariness of our own country's intelligence community's trustworthiness, it most certainly cannot be claimed that they are doing the bidding of the dirty fucking hippie liberals in issuing this report, evidence free conspiracy mongering notwithstanding.

The American people need and deserve to know the truth about the extent of Russia's actions in ratfucking our elections and even more so if people close to, up to and including Mr. Drumpf his self, were complicit in any way, shape or form. Investigate this now - delay Drumpf's coronation if necessary - investigate it thoroughly, and let the truth see the light of day.


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