Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Welcome To The New World Disorder (mental disorder that is) . . .

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It's only going to get worse:

A Florida woman who believes the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting is a hoax was arrested Monday on charges she threatened the parent of a child killed in the 2012 school shooting.
Richards is accused of telling the parent “you gonna die, death is coming to you real soon," according to federal court documents. The statements were made in January. She also wrote, "Look behind you it's death," according to the documents.
While it may seem unfathomable to some that Richards believed the shooting was a hoax, she is far from alone.  A small movement of “Sandy Hook Truthers” promote conspiracy theories that allege the shooting was staged.
Pozner addressed Richards' arrest in a statement.
"We are comforted to know that the system is working to protect the victims of violent crime from re-victimization by potentially violent Hoaxers," Pozner said.

It speaks volumes that the saddest part of this story isn't the fact that these conspiracy theory obsessed mental patients exist and are freely roaming about in fairly large numbers in our society or that one of the most high profile mental patients of all, Alex Jones, who has been peddling this stupid fucking shit for years, also happens to have an admirer in our new president-elect Drumpf.

No - the saddest part here is that line stating that the man who lost his child in that ghastly and heart-breaking incident in Newtown Connecticut four years ago, Len Pozner said that he was "comforted to know that the system is working to protect the victims of violent crime from re-victimization by potentially violent Hoaxers."

If this country had any moral courage or moral sensibilities or any cognitive thinking sensibilities whatsoever at this awful and frightening time in it's short history, there would be absolutely no fucking need whatsoever for Mr. Pozner to have to rest hope on the premise that a "system" had to even exist at all and that was needed to keep him from being harmed by these fucking idiotic nutbags.

And of course - add in the horror of knowing now that the conspiracy theory mongering president-elect and his paranoid-schizophrenic alt-right minions are in control of the levers of power, and by virtue of such have unleashed their dogs of sociopathic ignorance and stupidity upon us all, The Gadfly feels that all bets are off for this amazing experiment in representative democracy ending up in any good place at all in the near term future.


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