Sunday, December 18, 2016

Circling Our Way In To The Sewer Drain Of History . . . One Fox "News" Broadcast At a Time ...

More people having access to health care is the cause of lower life expectancy?  Well imagine that!:

Only on Fox News would the finding that Americans’ life expectancy has fallen cause a host to speculate that maybe Americans are getting too much health care. But that’s exactly what Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt was suggesting when she “just asked” if “government health care” was the cause of the drop.
On Tuesday, Earhardt introduced a discussion on the subject as a banner read: “WAS IT WORTH IT? BILLIONS SPENT ON ACA, LIFE EXPECTANCY DROPS.”
EARHARDT: It is a startling statistic about health in America. Life expectancy is now down for the first time in more than two decades. We’re not living as long. But, as the life expectancy drops, government health care rises. Are they related?

And The Gadfly has no doubts whatsoever that the Fox/Tea Party/Drumpf viewers will all nod their heads in zombie-like, obedient agreement -- because if it's on Fox "News" it must be true - dontcha know?

Is it any wonder then that this country has elevated to power a megalomaniac, a serial lying, amoral, bigoted fascist with the temperament of an attention-starved toddler, whose role model for strong leadership, by his own admission, is the authoritarian thug and former head of the communist Russia's KGB?

As such it stands to reason (a foreign word these days to American conservatives) that when you have a large portion of your populace who would unblinkingly believe that expanded health care results in lessened life spans, then that is a populace that is ripe to believe just about anything, and riper yet to be manipulated in to supporting leaders who only seek to gain power for themselves and their elitist kind -- power which will most certainly come at the expense of the majority of everyone else - including those who foolishly and recklessly put those leaders in power.

Be that as it may though, how is it exactly that the still sane Americans are to go about trying to reason with people like this:


Martin Luther King Jr. once said:

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

But it's not enough that these Drumpf supporting people are "sincere" and "conscientious" about their ignorance and stupidity -- oh no -- they are actually prideful of it and celebrate it and to compound that horror, they are passing their destructive world views and self-flagellating foolishness on to their offspring -- as if it were the equivalent of a family inheritance.

This country is so fucked - and yet it probably is much deserved and long overdue.  The aggregate embracement of narrow-minded arrogance, unbridled hubris and the wholesale abandonment of reason, truth, justice and human decency is the consummate malady that has afflicted failed empires throughout human history, and America, solely by virtue of it being America, is clearly not immune to such a self-immolating societal illness.

Sigh . . . . The Gadfly ponders daily George Carlin's observations on what he believed was destined to happen to America and with the ascension of Drumpf and his gang to power, the truthfulness of Carlin's conclusions are becoming frighteningly more apparent every day:


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