Wednesday, August 10, 2016

On The Subject of Moving On, Never Forgetting and Following Your Heart . . .

Salutations dear readers.

The Gadfly is back after a long hiatus.  You see -- The Gadfly's father passed away recently and to be quite honest, The Gadfly just hasn't had his heart or his spirit in to the squalid business of observing and commenting upon the revolting state of political affairs in this country lately.

But last week, as The Gadfly was moping about the house, allowing his sorrow to dictate his free time activities, The Gadfly found his self reminiscing about the many conversations he'd had with his dad over the years, and The Gadfly recalled the old man telling him once, perhaps not in the most eloquent of words -- because Dad just wasn't an eloquent kind of guy you know? -- that if you just go out in the world and do what you sincerely and truly believe and feel is right in your heart, then things will be ok.  And so The Gadfly is moving on from the melancholy of his father's passing -- and moving on not in the sense of forgetting mind you.  It's a tough thing to let go, but The Gadfly is absolutely certain that the old man would have wanted it this way.

And so The Gadfly has spent the better part of this past week making his best effort at overcoming the heartache of his loss and turning his attention to getting caught up on what's been transpiring in this wonderful and schizophrenic pageantry which we fondly refer to as a Presidential election.

And so stand by dear readers, The Gadfly is back behind the wheel of his blogging Ferrari and he's ready to lay down some thick rubber tracks on the backsides of the right wing assholes in this country whose selfish and reckless behavior is putting this country's democracy, economic and national security and legacy as a force for good in the world, in great peril.


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