Monday, July 4, 2016

The Bloody Knuckles Would Be Not Only Worth It, But Priceless . . .

The Gadfly leisurely maintains a short list of The Most Punchable Faces in Cable TV Politics - hint: Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are lifetime legacy members.  It's a benign and enchanting side hobby.

It's been awhile since The Gadfly has made any additions to his, admittedly fairly short list, but Fox "Newz" contributor Jonathan Hoenig just barreled his way on to the list's lifetime membership section in one fell swoop:

Not only did a Fox News regular call for more burning of fossil fuels, the one person, out of five, with a different opinion was told to shut up as she tried to argue another side.
The pretext for the discussion was a push for green energy initiatives by the U.S., Canada and Mexico last week.
Predictably, almost all the time in the five-minute segment was taken up by attacking the initiatives rather than actually explaining or exploring them.
Guest Charlie Gasparino called the move “really stupid.” He added, “The impact it’s going to have is going to be de minimis, largely because if you’re worried about greenhouse gases and carbon footprint and all that, it’s not really occurring here, OK? It’s occurring in China and India.”
Host Charles Payne didn’t try to hide his bias. He called the initiatives “nuts on every level.”
But regular guest Jonathan Hoenig took the cake:
HOENIG: We need more carbon emissions, Charles, we need more smoke stacks, we need more burning of fossil fuels and energy because the more we burn, the better man’s life has become. The more energy we use, the greater amount of wealth that’s created.

Two rebuttals, which are, to any sane individual, overtly due here.

First - Charles Gasparino's claim that greenhouse gases are only occurring in China and India is about as mind-numbing dumb as it gets.  Sure Charlie - because everyone knows the U.S. has an invisible, impenetrable Star Trek-like force field over it's mainland and combined with the giant fans and filters that we've installed in low orbit space directly over our country, we're automatically protected --- right?  Moron.

Secondly - are Hoenig's snide statements about how we all would be so, so much better off if only we were burning more coal and more oil and more natural gas.  Which to The Gadfly's inquiring mind brings up the natural response --- Hey ASSHOLE!  If you're such a big fan of the burning of fossil fuels, then you wouldn't mind the construction of a few of the coal burning factories with the soot spewing smokestacks in your swanky neighborhood of million dollar homes would you?  Shit - but why stop there?  Let's drill a few fracking wells in your back yard and your neighborhood parks too while we're at it, and let's also put an toxin spewing oil refinery right next to your favorite, scenic lake and/or river.

Honestly dear readers, The Gadfly simply cannot fathom where it is that Rupert Murdoch continually digs up these vainglorious, callous fuckers with the brain power of a gerbil (and that's truly an insult to gerbils) to blather their neanderthal, conservative idiocy all over the public airwaves on his evil empire network.  Fox has a seemingly endless supply of these freaks.

Nonetheless, congratulations to Jonathan Hoenig for making The Gadfly's coveted list of The Most Punchable Faces in Cable TV Politics.  Come to think of it, The Gadfly is unconditionally of the view that this smarmy little prick could probably use a good solid uppercut to his tiny cock and balls area as well -- just for good measure and because seeing him suffer such would be that much fun.

Here's what the dweeby little cocksucker Hoenig looks like in real life:

[ click pic to enlarge ]

Tell The Gadfly that just looking at that weasel's face doesn't give you a tremendous urge to just haul off and drill your fist right between his little aryan ferret eyes.

Sigh . . . . one can only dream . . . . of such opportunities in life . . .


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