Wednesday, June 29, 2016

And When the Big, Fake Balloon Bursts? Then What? ......

Ok -- so the 8th and most expensive (to U.S. taxpayers) investigation of Hillary Clinton's role in the Benghazi tragedy has come to a whimpering end, and like the previous 7 investigations, it found no wrongdoing by HRC or the Obama government.  Sure -- mistakes were made, just as they were in the numerous embassy attacks that took place under George W. Bush's watch.

But here's the stark difference between progressives and conservatives.  Progressives didn't run around like partisan assholes saying Bush was a murderer and calling for endless fishing investigations after the attacks and tragic deaths which took place under his administration.

So even though Trey Gowdy's $7million, taxpayer funded political exercise came up with the same result as all of the previous political exercises, Herr Drumpf wasn't placated:

Well -- somebody did go and ask murdered Ambassador Christopher Steven's famiily what they thought about Hillary Clinton's judgement -- imagine fucking that??

Observe the sad spectacle dear readers:

Go read it dear readers.  Go read what the family of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens has to say as to the death of  their loved one, but even more importantly, what their views are about the the low class, gutter sniping attacks Herr Drumpf and his Brown Shirts are hurling at Hillary Clinton over the issue.

Low Class Scum.  That is Drumpf and his gang.  And the sooner America realizes what a classless thug the guy is, the better.

If you've never watched a James Cagney move, you ought to.  In fact, you ought to watch most of his earlier movies.  Those movies were all about wise guys like Drumpf ..... only Drumpf's class of grifting was gold plated.

Ultimately --- it's up to you -- dear readers.

Pick this guy:

Or this sane, rational, adult person ......

Gadfly has said, he is not a Hillary bot supporter.

Gadfly has said he like Bernie's ideas.

Gadfly has said, Drumpf is a know-nothing lunatic.

Gadfly has said, if you vote for a clown, expect the full circus afterward.

Up to you dear readers.   America deserves sane, serious people planning it's future, or it deserves this asshat:

Just fucking saying ......


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