Thursday, August 11, 2016

Drumpf's Mom's Ancestors Know a Shitgibbon When They See One . . .

*Author's note:  [the shitgibbon thing referenced in the title of this post will be addressed at the end of this piece]

There really is no sense in tip-toeing around it and since it's fresh in the news cycle, The Gadfly might just as well begin his blogging comeback tour with this subject.

Donald Trump: 'The 2nd Amendment People' Can Do Something to Stop Hillary Clinton

So it truly comes as no surprise in the least to The Gadfly that the Pompous, Pampered, Pompadoured Poltroon, aka Donald Drumpf, tossed some red meat chum to his gaggle of Trumpanzees yesterday in North Carolina.

Drumpf was pontificating (aka rage-ranting) on the (now much more likelihood) of Hillary Clinton winning the Presidency.   Herr Drumpf stated, and yes, let us parse these words very meticulously here -- "If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know."

Now - before The Gadfly gets to heart of this matter -- let us make one thing crystalline clear. Anybody, and The Gadfly means any-motherfucking-body, who believes that talk of using a "2nd amendment solution", especially so when it emanates from the NRA gun goon crowd, means anything other than employing gun violence as a method of attaining and advancing one's political goals and agenda, then you are either insanely goddamn delusional or you are in such deep, deep denial that if you denied it any more than what you already are, your your brain would spontaneously combust and turn to instant ash.

The Gadfly will fucking wager any one of you that just about every Trumpanzee in that North Carolina crowd knew full well what Drumpf was alluding to when he made that remark.  And what did they do knowing full well what Drumpf's message was with that statement?  They fucking cheered is what they did.  They fucking cheered that their presidential candidate had bandied about the prospect of political assassination as a way of stopping a popularly elected United States president from moving forward with a policy agenda that was mandated to them with a majority vote of the American electorate.

The Gadfly will state unequivocally -- as much as The Gadfly loathes Drumpf, he (and he knows his fellow liberals would be in nearly unanimous agreement) would be abhorred if Hillary Clinton or one of her minions suggested that their supporters resort to use of the gun to kill Drumpf as a way of preventing him from exercising his constitutionally mandated duties as duly elected commander in chief of this nation should he win.  That quite simply is not the American way.  It is the way of 3rd world anarchists, traitors and seditionist assholes and quite obviously -- lunatics.

This is really the final straw for The Gadfly.  The Gadfly can no longer in good conscience have any respect for the people openly supporting Donald Drumpf.  And that is sad because The Gadfly knows that he has some friends and family members who for whatever reasons that they have conjured up from the turmoil in their heads, are lustily cheering this ugly little man-child, tin horned dictator wannabe on.  For god fucking sakes you people -- do you truly not understand what the stakes are here to yours, your children's and your grandchildren's futures???  This is not just another episode of Drumpf's hokey tv "reality" show The Apprentice!  Honestly -- what is it going to take for you people to wake up and realize that by giving a racist, bigoted, woman-hating, hateful, arrogant, worldly ignorant and mentally unstable fascist your party's nomination and support, you have essentially, as Bill Maher put it, handcuffed yourselves to a dead hooker?

Yeah sure -- this country is in a world of economic shit -- no thanks to 30 plus fucking years of oligarch coddling and worker hating -- primarily by the Republican party it needs to be noted -- but to address that issue by, in effect, dropping your draws, bending over, squirting a tube of K-Y lube up your ass and then letting the Dark Prince of Oligarchs have his way with you, is the supreme definition of insanity.


**Update:  Hopefully a good sign - Drumpf's poll numbers are nose-diving in some of the key battle-ground states after he spent this past week stuffing his own manicured tootsies in to his big fat, stupid mouth.  Let's hope the trend continues.  Hillary, for her part (so far) is playing this whole thing the right way -- she takes a few short jabs at the cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon from afar and then just stands back, silently watching as Drumpf's inner child rage demons take over and let their freak flag fly.

BTW -- that term "cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon was bestowed upon Drumpf by his own mother's Scottish/Brit ancestors when he went over there a few months ago and made an utter ass of himself as he is wont to do.

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