Thursday, August 11, 2016

Her Name Is Nobody . . .

Everyone knows Donald Drumpf prefers to have subservient, not too intelligent women around him who know their place in a man's world and keep their mouths shut and only speak when allowed to.

All the more reason that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren really gets under Drumpf's thin skin because she is the complete antithesis of the trophy model and submissive worker bee women that the cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon likes surrounding himself with.

When Drumpf gave his vaunted "economic" speech earlier this week in Detroit, a speech which for all intents and purposes was nothing more than a greasy hand-job to the oligarchs (his kind of people) Warren put on her ninja outfit and took to Drumpf's favorite debate platform (Twitter) to give him the red-ass (or should that be orange-ass?) treatment:

Here's just a sampling of Warren's rapid-fire Twitter assault:

You really have to check the link out to see the magnitude of Warren's beat down of Drumpf.  And apparently, all that poor Donald could muster up as a response was to hurl his standard childish insults at Warren calling her goofy and a fraud.  The Gadfly just knows that Drumpf loses what's left of his adolescent mind when he knows he's getting his ass kicked by a smart, strong, fearless woman.  It must just eat his insides out.

In fact, Warren's annihilation of Drumpf in that exchange was so classic, it reminded The Gadfly of this wonderful movie scene:

That was Terence Hill as the baby-faced gunslinger named Nobody bitch slapping the bad guy into a whimpering, simpering pile of mush with the analogy being of course that Warren is Hill's character and Drumpf is the villain here.



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