Wednesday, June 8, 2016

He's Baaaaaaaaaack . . . . A Dormant Gadfly Stirs From His Somnambulism . . .

Now that Hillary has officially wrapped up the Dem nomination allow The Gadfly to make a few, what should be to any rational observer, salient points.

First - Bernie Sanders should be given a standing ovation by every damn American who honestly gives a rat's puckered ass about this country's future and the long-term health of our representative democracy.

The Gadfly knew Sanders had a mighty challenge to overcome in taking on the Democratic establishment and their chosen candidate Hillary Clinton.  In fact, dear readers, you can go back a few months and view archived postings where The Gadfly predicted a Sanders loss, while simultaneously professing admiration for Sander's policy proposals and the dirty old socialist's vision for a better America and better society - one that would improve the quality of life of many more Americans, not to mention resurrecting the slowly disintegrating middle class.

However it was eminently clear, pretty much from the get go, that when you have a locomotive pushing your train up the political tracks as opposed to a hand car, which is what the equivalency of Hillary's establishment support compared to Bernie's grass roots support was, one did not need to be an Einstein prodigy to see that it was just a matter of time before the Hillary train rumbled across the finish line far ahead of the Sander's bedraggled, albeit plucky convoy.

But Sanders proved a couple of things - one he proved that there is a sizable portion of the electorate who are tired of the the Democrats behaving and legislating like Republican wannabes.  Secondly, he managed to force Hillary and the Dem establishment to tack fairly sharply back to the left on a range of progressive policy issues, after a couple of decades of allowing the Republican wingnuts to dominate the discourse and bully the national conversation grossly to the right.  That alone is something The Gadfly has been waiting for a very, very long time to see any Democrat accomplish and it was more than worth it for the the few punches and jabs that Hillary had to endure during this whole sordid primary process.

Lastly - - - Drumpf!!!!!!!

Wow -- what a fucked up week for the bloviating Oompa-Loompa man eh?  The Gadfly really at times just finds himself standing in slack-jawed awe at how Herr Drumpf just cannot help himself from alienating all of these American voters -- women, minorities, sane Republicans, even the fucking Koch brothers -- people who the knuckle-dragging Orangutan is going to need at least some measurable percentage of support from in the general election if he's going to realize his wet dream of dictatorial lordship.   You see dear readers, a lot of people mistakenly conflate the Republican primaries with the general election  - to the extent that they actually end up deluding themselves into actually believing that a bigoted, misogynistic, hateful, petty, narcissistic and soulless fucker like Drumpf can actually win enough votes in the general - and thus the presidency.  It's a sad and pathetic self-immolating spectacle to watch.

The Gadfly honestly wishes either Kasich or Jeb (gaaaack!) Bush had won.  Because that, at the very least, would have sent a somewhat hopeful message that the Republican party still has enough sane members among it's ranks to allow for a measured, adult and serious debate to take place in front of the American public -- instead of the WWE stage crafted circus that the greasy con man Drumpf is undoubtedly going to serve up like a shit sandwich with a side of flies.

But you can't say that The Gadfly hasn't been screaming his voice hoarse from the rooftops trying to warn the right wingers and the rest of the gullible rubes who have prostrated their senses at the small feet of the short-fingered vulgarian Drumpf.  Like dumb cows being led to the slaughterhouse, unthinking, led by the nose and the electric cattle prod - they were and still are ready to follow this smugly arrogant, worldly ignorant and dangerously stupid clown Drumpf as he strives to drive this nation straight in to the abyss of failure with his toddler-like temperament and equally toddler-like thought process as it relates to the mission critical skills of visionary national and international leadership.  Jeebus fucking kripes! -- the dumb fuck even has our long time allies shaking their heads in disbelief and wondering aloud what kind of brain eating amoeba has mass infected millions of Americans such that they actually and seriously want to see this thin-skinned, "reality" tv show spawned thug become the leader of the free world.

Mind boggling -- and fucking scary too.

Nonetheless - it now appears that even the mainstream media along with a few guilt-wracked Republicans are beginning to have lover's remorse from their flirty little fling with Drumpf's mentally disturbed behavior and carnival barker freak show - and it's about fucking time.

But that does not take away from the fact that Herr Drumpf is most definitely still the chosen candidate of the Republican party and their isn't enough lime or bleach to mask the stench of the walking presidential candidate corpse that the right wing nuts and their Libertardian Drumpf fan boyz brigades have offered up to the world as their standard bearer and high political priest.

Selfish fucking Morons.

Ultimately though, The Gadfly, who has stated on many a previous occasion, is not a Hillary groupie, will unequivocally state that if the final choice between Hillary or the toddler-like, spoiled brat, con artist who fancies himself boy king, then Hillary gets the lever pull in the voting booth hands down.  It's a decision that is not up for debate as far as The Gadfly is concerned - for The Gadfly has children and grandchildren and he sure as hell trusts their futures in the hands of grandma Hillary more than he does in the hands of the grifting Chancellor of Drumpf University.

Time to stand up America.  Time to choose your destiny as a nation and a society.  No fucking crying afterward if a sufficient number of you didn't care enough to make your voices heard and your votes count and this fucking despotic clown becomes your dear leader:

That's all.

Oh -- one last thing -- if Drumpf's cable tv lackeys think that their screeching about Benghazi and the emails and Bill's blow job are going to be their salvation ........ they don't know Hillary ..... she's been deftly fending off right wing attacks for 20+ years and she is battle hardened.  In fact -- The Gadfly envisions this is how the Drumpf -vs- Hillary confrontation is eventually going to go down .... envision the waitress as Hillary and Doug Heffernan as Drumpf... ROFL:


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