Monday, May 30, 2016

Be Very Careful For What You Wish For In Your "Leader" American Dip-Shits . . .

One of the most ridiculous justifications that Drumpf's borg followers incessantly give for backing him is probably the one that most deeply sickens and infuriates The Gadfly -- namely that Drumpf cares about the working men and women of this country.

Whenever The Gadfly hears some mindless, drooling tool smugly blathering on and on about how Drumpf is going to be good for workers, The Gadfly wistfully yearns for the ability to wish those fucking brain-dead idiots in to the cornfield, ala the kid in the 1961 Twilight Zone episode.

No - but honestly - The Gadfly does yearn for that ability.  Because it really does require one to have to make an incredibly mighty leap of faith over the cavernous abyss that is chock full of evidence demonstrating that Drumpf is anything but a friend of workers, and in fact is a cowardly, treacherous conniver who would sell this country's middle class down the river if it financially benefited himself.

What's that dear reader?  Where is The Gadfly's evidence of such a claim?  Well, since you asked . . . to wit:
Supreme Court asked to rule on Trump casino bankruptcy
By David G. Savage
The Supreme Court is being asked to take up a bankruptcy dispute involving the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and to decide whether to restore the health and pension benefits of more than 1,000 casino workers.
At issue is a conflict between labor laws that call for preserving collective bargaining agreements and bankruptcy laws that allow a judge to reorganize a business to keep it in operation.
“This is about how a bankruptcy was used to transfer value from working people to the super-rich,” said Richard G. McCracken, general counsel for Unite Here, the hotel and casino workers’ union that appealed to the high court.
Billionaire Carl Icahn stepped in to buy the casino – founded by Donald Trump – after it filed for bankruptcy in 2014.
As the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals said in January, Trump’s “plan of reorganization was contingent on the rejection of the collective bargaining agreement,” also known as the CBA, with the union. Icahn promised a “capital infusion of $100 million” to keep the casino in operation, but “only if the CBA and tax relief contingencies are achieved.”

BTW -- that bankruptcy was only 2 years ago.

If you are in any way puzzled about what this legal kerfluffle is all about, allow The Gadfly to summarize it for you in layman's terms.

Drumpf and his "magnificent" business acumen somehow managed to run a casino into bankruptcy (oh - and not his first, but actually his fourth) and so he went begging hat in hand to a billionaire buddy of his to save his short-fingered, vulgarian ass from the financial shambles he had made for himself.  And that deal pretty much went like this -- that in order for Drumpf to seal the deal for the salvation of his larcenous ass, he worked it out with one of his fellow billionaire buddies that the collectively bargained agreement for the health and pension benefits of Drumpf's workers, something which had already been agreed upon way prior to the bankruptcy (because that is what "agreements" do) between Drumpf and the worker's union, the bargained benefits and pension "agreement" between Drumpf and his workers must be declared null and void.

And if that is still murky to you -- let's simplify it.  Say for instance you buy a new car.  You signed a 5 year contract with the car dealer which says that as long as you continue making your payments every month, that car is yours to do whatever the hell you want with it and to enjoy it's benefits.  In the 5th year of your contract, you've made all of your payments on time and only have a couple more months to go before you outright own it.   And make no mistake about it - that car is invaluable to you and your family - it gets you to work, it helps with running family affairs, and provides some family leisure value as well.  Then, one day, you hear that the car dealership where you bought the car has filed for bankruptcy because, as it turns out, the owner was a shitty, incompetent, possibly shady businessman who owed the mafia a lot of money.  The next day, the car dealership owner sends a tow truck to your house in the middle of the night to haul your beloved car away, because he claims that "technically" it's still his because you still owe money on it and besides -- he needs it back to help pay off his "creditors".

To summarize - the car dealer gets the car back, which he uses to pay off his bankster friends, thus allowing the car dealer to skate away only to resume his unprincipled business activities another day, and you, the poor sucker, get stuck now having to buy bus tokens for your transportation needs.

Get it now kids?

There's your "self-made" success story, your "phenomenally astute" businessman, your wonderful and great friend of the American worker for you -- The Gadfly presents to you the "yoooogely" glorious, President wannabe -- Donald J. Drumpf.

The Gadfly will repeat himself -- if you are of the belief that Drumpf is going to improve your economic lot in life you are truly, madly, deeply fucking delusional -- and The Gadfly will say that to your face whether you be foe, friend, or family member -- and will say it to you every day and twice or more on Sunday.


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