Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Not Much More To Say About It . . .

The Gadfly simply cannot find it within himself to comment in depth on the Orlando shooting massacre that occurred this past weekend.  Frankly, just what is it that The Gadfly could say that hasn't already been said by smarter and more eloquent commentators?

Sadly though, it goes without saying that this kind of gun carnage has become an entrenched feature instead of a bug in our firearms worshiping CULTure of death.

What's worse is trying to rationally engage any of the Ted Nugent screaming mimi wingnut crowd in to having an adult, sane conversation about this ever escalating problem of mass shooting events in this country.  The Gadfly just cannot fucking handle listening to those idiots trot out the same old hoary, discredited justifications for not doing anything about this cultural cancer that is ravaging this nation's soul from the inside out.

And to make matters worse of course, the most unhinged of these blathering numbskulls can be heard screeching garbage not unlike this:

"If only a good guy with a gun had been there . . . "

"The security guards should have been armed with Uzi's . . ."

"It's a false flag operation staged by Obama to take our guns away . . ."

"No more mooslim immigrants! . . ."

"Build the wall! . . ."

"It's just God's way of thinning out teh sinful gay . . ."

Honestly dear readers, if any of The Gadfly's conservative family members or friends were to approach him at this moment in time and start in with that kind of dumbfuckassery smack talk, The Gadfly swears he would choke them out right on the spot.

Like millions of Americans The Gadfly is sick of this shit and even sicker of the awful human beings who are the primary enablers of these horrific events through their selfish, uncaring, heartless actions of steadfastly blocking any meaningful attempts at stemming the blood-red tide of the proliferation of military grade weaponry in the hands of way too many fucking people who have no goddamn sensible business whatsoever in possessing such frightening killing toys.



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