Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gadfly Can't Help You All Now . . . . Choose your Destiny .... Good Fucking Luck...

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It is an amazing time we live in.

When a charlatan and clown like this has the support of half the fucking inebriated and/or mentally challenged country . . . .

Obama took a few jabs at the GOP frontrunner at the White House Correspondents' Dinner this weekend, joking that Trump would be good at foreign policy because he had met with "Miss Sweden" and "Miss Argentina." Trump himself opted to not attend the dinner, but his children did go.

"Right now, we have hundreds of deals being negotiated all over the world by my company, and I deal with presidents, and I deal with prime ministers. I deal with everybody," Trump said on CNN. "I probably have more experience than virtually anybody looking at this office. And I make money. I've made a lot of money doing it."

The Gadfly is so over his fellow Americans who think this reality TV charlatan is qualified to lead the world's greatest and most powerful democracy forward in to the next phase of this century.

The Gadfly is so over you dumb mother-fuckers along with the completely and definitively useless mainstream media in this country.  So over all of you ....

Anyhow, apparently Drumpf equates his historically sketchy real-estate prowess and TMZ fame to true political leadership and world statesmanship ..... a thought which any sane person would blanch at and likely upchuck their most recent meal.

The Gadfly is not a Hillary fan.  Not by any means on any given fucking day.  But when it comes time to walk in that voting booth and pull the lever for either Drumpf or Hillary ...........

Really? .. you even have to wonder? ..............

Gadfly's advice to you all ----- turn off the fucking cable tv, turn off the fucking radio, turn off every mainstream media source that is pontificating on this sordid shit .... they are completely useless and demonstrably compromised.  They serve no good and deserve no faith or trust.

Good luck America.


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