Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lucifer Checks Out . . .

Now that the vulgar, reality TV buffoon Herr Drumpf (The Gadfly will talk about that charlatan in his next post) has gleefully shoved the last few centimeters of his gold-plated, mahogany stake through Ted "Lucifer" Cruz's glossy black, Cuban heart, The Gadfly thought it would be an opportune time to mention a few things about the esteemed Senator Cruz, and his crusade to make his father's claim that he was the "anointed" one to ascend to the presidency, a disconcerting reality.

Let's face it -- America is growing up -- albeit painfully slow, and still lagging quite far behind most of the rest of the enlightened, civilized world.  But it is progressing nonetheless.  And with that growth comes emotional and spiritual maturity, and sharpened cognitive thinking and analytical skills, and the innate ability to empathize with other human beings.  And therein lies the conundrum for Ted Cruz -- and any other conservative evangelical wingnuts who choose to follow in his U.S. presidential power seeking footsteps.

For you see dear readers - a mature, independently thinking, caring and just society simply is not very fertile recruiting ground for the kind of antiquated, judgmental and vindictive life philosophy that Cruz and his brethren religiously adhere to.  The whole pathetic lot of them, are quite frankly, incrementally transforming in to relics of time in human history.  They are the dinosaurs.  They have reached their zenith and now all that is left is for them and their hoary old belief system to fade in to oblivion the way every other outmoded species that was incapable of adapting has gracefully done down through the ages.  Although it has to be noted that Drumpf just might be the mass extinction event for the evangelicals that a massive comet was, according to many scientists, for the dinosaurs.

Anyhow, Ted did himself no favors this past week, and likely hastened his own demise by announcing his Vice Presidential running mate even as his candidacy was being pulverized under the unrelenting steel treads of Herr Drumpf's Tiger Tank.  Cruz, no -- actually believe it -- announced Carly Fiorina as his running mate.  And when he did so, the collective angst of the handful of remaining intelligent evangelicals dropped with a thud to earth with force of a few megatons of effect.  Carly Fiorina's claim to fame is that she destroyed an iconic American tech company, Hewlett Packard, destroyed tens of thousands of American jobs in the process, and was unceremoniously shown the door with a $40 million dollar golden parachute.   Her only other claim to fame is her insistence that she saw a video of Planned Parenthood people bartering in "baby parts"  --- a video which was immediately discredited by every fucking reputable human being on the planet and even resulted in the indictment in Texas of the con artists who made the video.  Fiorina to this day refuses to admit she got suckered.

Bottom line is this -- Herr Drumpf and his "I am Fuck!  Fuck of the Mountain!" show is who the GOP "base" wants as their standard bearer.  Gadfly is ok with that.   They've made their bed, now the fucking assholes have to sleep in it.  As for Ted Cruz and his Christian crusade  --  they are summarily shuffled off to the side where the brainiacs of their poli-religio claptrap clan can ponder what went wrong until their myopic eyeballs explode.

Sorry Ted and friends, couldn't have happened to a meaner, bunch of more uncaring and judgmental fuckers.


Now .... about Herr Drumpf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and the fucking morons in our media who are stroking his Mussolini-sized ego and his cock simultaneously.................. (next post)

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