Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Match Made in The Bowels of Beelzebub's Own Cesspool . . .

Makes all the sense in the world to The Gadfly:

Sam Frizell   May 12, 2016
Donald Trump is considering former House Speaker Newt Gingrich as one possible option for his running mate in November, according to a source familiar with the discussions.
Trump, the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, has been discussing Gingrich with his confidants as a potential ticket mate, a source familiar with the talks said, making the former House speaker one of the handful of options the likely Republican standard-bearer is considering for the fall.

Drumpf likes to surround himself with like-minded, like-character hacks and yes men.

Who better to be Drumpf's side-kick than a serial adulterer, deadbeat father, draft dodging, dishonest corporate lobbyist whore and shady business deal maker than ol' Newtie.  Here's some well sourced material on the charming attributes that Herr Drumpf finds so appealing in the Newtster.

The Republican party has truly gone off the proverbial fucking deep end.  Their collective mental, spiritual and intellectual meltdown has left them in a morbid state of being not much more than a casebook example of how ultimately doomed cults evolve and then violently perish.  Let's hope, and for those who do so, pray, that there are still enough sane Americans left in this country to deny these fascist, authoritarian assholes access to the frightening power that they so desperately crave.

And if that doesn't inspire you fence-sitter and independent voters to get your wish-washy asses to the polls on election day, then maybe reading this article, written by a 28 year veteran of Republican insider politics might.

Here's a sobering excerpt:

I have written before about the GOP's contribution to anti-knowledge in our society. As Nineteenth-Century humorist Josh Billings put it, "The trouble with people is not that they don't know, but that they know so much that ain't so."
Despite three decades of evidence that tax cuts do not pay for themselves, Republican politicians hew to that line with dogmatic persistence. A couple of millennia of history ought to have taught us that invasions of the Middle East are not likely to go well, but the GOP was gung-ho about Iraq and questioned the patriotism of skeptics.
Many in the Republican base believe with a faith that transcends evidence that Obamacare authorizes death panels just as Obama himself is Kenyan born. Under those circumstances, why should it surprise us when Trump promises $12 trillion in tax cuts while eliminating the $19-trillion national debt in eight years, or claims that Ted Cruz's father was involved in the Kennedy assassination?
Anti-knowledge is virulent in the GOP, but it is a problem in the larger society as well. A study by the journal Science polled on public attitudes about evolution in the United States, 32 European countries, Turkey and Japan; the only country where acceptance of evolution was lower than in ours was Islamic Turkey. States like Louisiana mandate that public schools teach the bogus "controversy" about evolution.
This epistemic closure, whereby facts are a matter of political opinion, threatens not only the country's future scientific preeminence, but our ability to have rational discussions about public policy. Trump's rise is a fire bell in the night warning us of a dangerous cultural development.

This nation's democracy and by virtue of such, it's future as functioning, healthy and advancing society, depends on people making their voices heard come November of this year.  The Gadfly can't help you, but perhaps your god(s) can,  if you all leisurely choose to ignore this precarious message.


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