Monday, May 23, 2016

The Atrocious Wonder of It All . . .

The Gadfly does a lot of spontaneous pondering in his free time if for no other reason that he has a brain, and as such, is of the novel view that it's really quite ok to use the damn spongy thing for something other than vegetating in front of the roob tube or suppressing it's true potential by listening to religious claptrap or right wing political hooey.

Speaking of right wing political hooey . . . The Gadfly was pondering this the other day:
Washington (CNN)Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin on Friday vetoed a bill that would criminalize abortion procedures in the state.
The decision to veto the bill, which likely would have opened up the state to lawsuits from abortion rights supporters, comes at a time when Fallin is considered a possible running mate for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Forget about the Drumpf running mate conjecture crapola -- even the rotted corpses of Joseph McCarthy and Benito Mussolini are considered a "possible running mate" of the short fingered, vulgar orangutan these days.

No .. what really intrigues The Gadfly here is this penchant for right wingers to, on one hand, be of the belief that it is the moral duty of the government (when they are in charge of course) to use the power of the state to protect a zygote the size of tic-tac, but for some reason they don't believe it is the moral duty of that same government to provide for the health, education and general welfare of that zygote once it is brought to full term and is born in to the world as a flesh and blood, sentient being.

Fer' fuck's sake, even after the slaughter of nearly a couple of dozen babies in their classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School a few years ago by a mentally disturbed freak, who had way too easy access to military style killing toys, these fucking right wing moralizers could not even bring themselves to acknowledge that this morally bankrupt country has a major goddamn problem with gun proliferation in our society.

So whenever The Gadfly sees these assholes on his teevee bemoaning the fate of the tic-tac size zygote and which compels them to try and use the power of the government to legislate the morality of the issue based on their own hypocritical religious and social views, The Gadfly usually finds himself throwing shoes, paperback books, half empty water bottles, boogers and other lightweight materials at his boob screen.  It's fucking downright maddening.

The day that right wingers and pro-life religious extremists demonstrate some sincere concern and thought for living, breathing, suffering humans in the same manner that they do for the tic-tac size zygotes that preoccupy the upper echelon of their twisted moral universe, that is the day that The Gadfly will give a flying fuck what their views on abortion are.

More ponderings, on subjects far and wide, to come in future blog posts . . . whether you fucking like it or not --- dear readers... ☺


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