Saturday, February 20, 2016

More GUNS! More GUNS!! More GUNS!!! . . . .

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Yes --- because if everyone is packing an AR-15 or a TEC-9, then we'll all be safe.

A wave of apparently random shootings left at least six people dead and others injured in Michigan on Saturday night. As many as six people were reportedly killed in Kalamazoo County, and the suspect was still at large as police swept the area late Saturday, urging citizens to remain vigilant.
Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Paul Matyas told WOOD TV 8 that multiple people were shot at three different scenes. Four people were killed at a Cracker Barrel, and two with injuries were taken to the hospital, police told the network. There were also shootings at a car dealership, where at least two people were killed, and a woman was shot in a townhouse.
 "What It looks like, is we have somebody just driving around finding people and shooting them dead in their tracks," Matyas said." "We seem to be dealing with a worst case scenario, someone driving around shooting," he told NBC News.

This kind of horror is commonplace now -- thanks to the NRA and the conservatives in this country.

They relish the idea of a heavily armed society, where any slight results in guns drawn, just like in the old cowboy movies, and bullets let loose to settle the beef.

It's a sick fucking society.  But Americans apparently are ok with it ... so fuck em.  Get used to massacres like this and when they happen, just shut your fucking mouths about how horrible they all are.... mkay?


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