Saturday, February 27, 2016

As We Inch Closer to the Idiocracy Abyss . . . .

So apparently there was another Republican "debate" the other night in Houston, Texas.

The Gadfly watched a good portion of the replay.

All The Gadfly has to say is:

The Gadfly has watched children of the toddler sort bicker among themselves who sounded much more intelligible and coherent.

Frankly, the whole embarrassingly sordid spectacle reminded The Gadfly of this:

The Party of Lincoln is a mentally and emotionally unstable train wreck.  And as such - they ought not be allowed within a country fucking mile of the levers of government power while in such a state.

And to the people who are supporting the smug, tawdry and bullying Orangutan --- why do you fucking hate this country so much to want to see that lizard brained buffoon lead us forward in to the 21st century?  What is your all's major goddamn malfunction??

Jeebus . . . .


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