Saturday, February 20, 2016

It Has To Be Said . . . . And Hopefully It Will Be Acknowledged . . .

Allow The Gadfly be very clear about something as regards his political candidate leanings in this election year.

The Gadfly would love to see Bernie Sanders win and, in doing so, kick some sand in to the faces of the arrogant, bullying and incompetent Democrat political establishment (The Gadfly is looking at you Debbie Wasserman Schultz).

The Gadfly is pretty certain however, that Hillary Clinton will be the Dem nominee, and make no mistake, The Gadfly will support her only because the other side is insanely determined to elect the collective, reincarnated souls of Caligula, Mussolini and Liberace in the incarnate form of one Donald John Trump as the leader of the free world.

But here's a warning to Hillary and her establishment political machine -- do not disrespect and undermine the dignity of Bernie Sanders on your Sherman's march to the nomination.  If you do, you will alienate a very sizable and volatile segment of the Democratic base -- progressives -- and they just might, in order to send a clear, fuck you message, sit out the general election, and let the Republican insane clown posse take control of the White House and the world's greatest representative democracy - and that would be a very, very bad thing for America and all Americans, to which The Gadfly is pretty certain that most democrats would agree.

To some, such an action might sound like bitter grapes, but progressives feel passionately about Bernie's ideas and his desire to see the oligarchs and the plutocrats of this country get their collective dicks knocked in to the dirt so that more Americans can reap a bit more of the economic benefits of this nation's worker's hard earned wealth.

In summary - be classy Hillary - be smart - and be fair and dignified.  Maintain that posture and attitude, and come November when it's time to face the feces flinging, orange haired Orangutan from the other side, the White House will be all of yours for the taking.

Oh -- and btw -- if Hillary and her minions are still weighing the cost/benefit ratio of going thug on Bernie, just look at this photo:

[ click pic to enlarge ]

That is a recently discovered archival photo (which Bernie has modestly declined to publicize) of a young, 21 year old Bernie Sanders being dragged to the paddy wagon for protesting the immorality of racial segregation while he was a student in Chicago 52 years ago.

The Gadfly awaits Hillary's photo(s) showing her putting her integrity and reputation on the line while standing up for such similar ideals and righteousness.

Once again --- congrats in advance Hillary, but don't you dare get too fucking cocky.


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